time to slow down

why you may ask? For me there are a few reasons.

♥ Tension in my shoulders, that tension is affecting my arms so I can’t knit as much and as fast as I would like

♥ days seem to fly by me without having time to stop and smell the roses

♥Advent time is right around the corner and I have nothing planned yet

♥my kids seem to grow up faster by the minute and I want to cherish every minute, yes also the bad ones.

♥ hubby, I only see him briefly, he’s working too much

♥ and many more little things I found I miss, like going on a walk with my one neighbour and having a cup of coffee with my other neighbour… etc.

SO IT IS TIME TO SLOW DOWN, at least for me!

After my appointment at the Occupational Therapy yesterday  it hit me, I really have to pull the breaks. I have to stop trying to do everything at once and getting it done in record time.

Maybe I should have listened to my Yoga DVD a little better. I tried out Yin Yoga. Not from this page though, this is just so you can check out what it is.

On this DVD she says, while you are in a pose and breathe ” to be in the presence” !  Duh!!!! I am always already on my next project, my next cleaning task, my next appointment, my next…. uh you get it.  I need to start living in the NOW and start to embrace it. No wonder I can’t remember the little things, I don’t take time for them to be noticed and saved.

Ok, so my change from the regular Yoga to this yin yoga was my first step.

The next step was initiated from my daughter, being a pre teen she is starting to feel the peer pressure and wanted some “talk time” with me. We do have quite a good communication going but it doesn’t hurt to get into it deeper. She saw that I had bought the book Queen bees and wannabes a while a go and she requested that we start reading it together.  Yes she picks the time when everyone is in bed and she knows it will buy her some time to get to bed later, but this is more important. So we cuddle up and start reading a chapter, with her interrupting me and telling me how she experiences all that stuff. I must say it is hard for me to put myself into her shoes because I never had to deal with stuff like that. So I am glad and thankful that she is willing to share and talk about her fears.

Now I need to find a way to slow down for myself and find the time and alow my head to shut off and read a good book. The books are here, waiting to be read. But I seem to not be able to stop and enjoy. Any help?

And for my hubby time….hm… will have to ask him, when he doesn’t immediately fall asleep when he comes back from work.



so much and nothing

The last 14 days went by so fast. And nothing really to show for. Well not really there is. But let’s start in the beginning.

The last weekend in October the whole family was supposed to go on a trip to my friend in GA where a lot of our German friends where going to meet for our yearly “Oktoberfest”. I was excited to see all my dear friends again, have some time to catch up with them and finally be able to give them a long hug. Couldn’t wait to see how their kids have grown and hear about their latest news.

My youngest had other plans. Thursday afternoon our neighbors brought her back early from a play date and said that she had said that she didn’t  feel good. I touched her forehead and oh boy was she hot.  The first temperature was 102 F an hour later she was 104 F.  Cool bath, cold leg wraps anything natural I could think of and have tried before did not work this time. She fell a sleep for a little bit. But woke up around midnight. I was watching her the whole evening, scared because I was clueless of not knowing why this fever wouldn’t go down.  After a few popsicle and drinks I decided to give her some meds, so she and I would get a few hours of sleep.

The fever maybe dropped a 1/2 degree. Needless to say, she slept I didn’t. In the morning I had to get my older one ready for School. At the same time I was taking a shower and hoping I would get an appointment at the doctor, because the fever was still high. At 7:30 I could finally call just to find out the next opening would be Monday….oh no….. ok, that means Urgent care.  I instructed my hubby to contact our neighbors to pick my older one up from School in case I wouldn’t make it back in time, because of all days hubby’s car was in the garage for some repair.  I got to Urgent care, and was already greeted with a sign that wait time is about 3 -4 hours… great I thought with a kid that has 104.5 in the mean time.

And it did take that long. Well we got home 6 hours later and it took the fever another 5 days to finally disappear. In the mean time I had plenty of time to sit with her and get some of my custom orders done.

Needles to say I didn’t get plenty of sleep the last 14 days, missed my friends meeting, got behind with all the house cleaning and washing. Still managed to create some new things and plan some new projects.

Oh and in all the commotion I of course broke my front tooth again, that I just had fixed about 6 weeks ago.

But now I am in need of some quiet time and some de-stress. Would love to just pack my bags and find a lonely Island for a few days….. you know one?

this looks like a nice one. I can hear the waves and feel the breeze on my skin and smell the fresh air…..

I hope that the next days will have a little time for me to get a little bit of a breather.

not ready for the cold yet


so I decided to look for some more Autumn inspiration







How about your are you ready for Winter yet? Here the leaves have just started to turn their colors. A few have fallen, I would like to enjoy the blowing and falling leaves for a little while longer.

Sorry that the links are all not fitting the pictures, I had noticed after I had posted that the pictures are not linked to the web pages.