so much and nothing

The last 14 days went by so fast. And nothing really to show for. Well not really there is. But let’s start in the beginning.

The last weekend in October the whole family was supposed to go on a trip to my friend in GA where a lot of our German friends where going to meet for our yearly “Oktoberfest”. I was excited to see all my dear friends again, have some time to catch up with them and finally be able to give them a long hug. Couldn’t wait to see how their kids have grown and hear about their latest news.

My youngest had other plans. Thursday afternoon our neighbors brought her back early from a play date and said that she had said that she didn’t  feel good. I touched her forehead and oh boy was she hot.  The first temperature was 102 F an hour later she was 104 F.  Cool bath, cold leg wraps anything natural I could think of and have tried before did not work this time. She fell a sleep for a little bit. But woke up around midnight. I was watching her the whole evening, scared because I was clueless of not knowing why this fever wouldn’t go down.  After a few popsicle and drinks I decided to give her some meds, so she and I would get a few hours of sleep.

The fever maybe dropped a 1/2 degree. Needless to say, she slept I didn’t. In the morning I had to get my older one ready for School. At the same time I was taking a shower and hoping I would get an appointment at the doctor, because the fever was still high. At 7:30 I could finally call just to find out the next opening would be Monday….oh no….. ok, that means Urgent care.  I instructed my hubby to contact our neighbors to pick my older one up from School in case I wouldn’t make it back in time, because of all days hubby’s car was in the garage for some repair.  I got to Urgent care, and was already greeted with a sign that wait time is about 3 -4 hours… great I thought with a kid that has 104.5 in the mean time.

And it did take that long. Well we got home 6 hours later and it took the fever another 5 days to finally disappear. In the mean time I had plenty of time to sit with her and get some of my custom orders done.

Needles to say I didn’t get plenty of sleep the last 14 days, missed my friends meeting, got behind with all the house cleaning and washing. Still managed to create some new things and plan some new projects.

Oh and in all the commotion I of course broke my front tooth again, that I just had fixed about 6 weeks ago.

But now I am in need of some quiet time and some de-stress. Would love to just pack my bags and find a lonely Island for a few days….. you know one?

this looks like a nice one. I can hear the waves and feel the breeze on my skin and smell the fresh air…..

I hope that the next days will have a little time for me to get a little bit of a breather.


6 thoughts on “so much and nothing

  1. letamariedesigns

    Aww Frauke. I so understand. When my youngest was 1 she had 104.5 fever for 5 days. She slept 23 out of 24 hrs. Dr. said to keep her hydrated as best I could and if did not break then hospitalization would be next. Fever broke on 5th day but boy was I worried! Glad your daughter is doing better 🙂


  2. oh my what a terrible 14 days! I am so sorry about your tooth!! It is scary when the little ones get a fever. We had that happen, but the cold bath did the trick, plus some meds to keep the fever down. Still, sleep for me was hard, so I can understand.
    That island looks lovely! I will join you there, we can sit on the beach and relax and share good stories of our lives. I used to live on an island similar to that one, and could share some good snorkeling experiences……
    Buy yes it is a dream right now.
    Maybe someday.
    I am sending hugs to you, and hope they help ease the weight on your shoulders.


    1. Rebecca, my tooth got fixed again yesterday and I finally got my new night guard. I chew through the hard plastic one in about 1-2 years.
      And I would so meet up with you on that island!!!!
      Have a wonderful night


  3. OH NO!! I so dislike when my babies get sick even though they are 26 and 14 now!! Sending you some good juju!! I had a rough week and am more than willing to pack my bags and head to an island too!! There really should be an island get away just for mom’s to de-stress!!


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