time to slow down

why you may ask? For me there are a few reasons.

♥ Tension in my shoulders, that tension is affecting my arms so I can’t knit as much and as fast as I would like

♥ days seem to fly by me without having time to stop and smell the roses

♥Advent time is right around the corner and I have nothing planned yet

♥my kids seem to grow up faster by the minute and I want to cherish every minute, yes also the bad ones.

♥ hubby, I only see him briefly, he’s working too much

♥ and many more little things I found I miss, like going on a walk with my one neighbour and having a cup of coffee with my other neighbour… etc.

SO IT IS TIME TO SLOW DOWN, at least for me!

After my appointment at the Occupational Therapy yesterday  it hit me, I really have to pull the breaks. I have to stop trying to do everything at once and getting it done in record time.

Maybe I should have listened to my Yoga DVD a little better. I tried out Yin Yoga. Not from this page though, this is just so you can check out what it is.

On this DVD she says, while you are in a pose and breathe ” to be in the presence” !  Duh!!!! I am always already on my next project, my next cleaning task, my next appointment, my next…. uh you get it.  I need to start living in the NOW and start to embrace it. No wonder I can’t remember the little things, I don’t take time for them to be noticed and saved.

Ok, so my change from the regular Yoga to this yin yoga was my first step.

The next step was initiated from my daughter, being a pre teen she is starting to feel the peer pressure and wanted some “talk time” with me. We do have quite a good communication going but it doesn’t hurt to get into it deeper. She saw that I had bought the book Queen bees and wannabes a while a go and she requested that we start reading it together.  Yes she picks the time when everyone is in bed and she knows it will buy her some time to get to bed later, but this is more important. So we cuddle up and start reading a chapter, with her interrupting me and telling me how she experiences all that stuff. I must say it is hard for me to put myself into her shoes because I never had to deal with stuff like that. So I am glad and thankful that she is willing to share and talk about her fears.

Now I need to find a way to slow down for myself and find the time and alow my head to shut off and read a good book. The books are here, waiting to be read. But I seem to not be able to stop and enjoy. Any help?

And for my hubby time….hm… will have to ask him, when he doesn’t immediately fall asleep when he comes back from work.



6 thoughts on “time to slow down

  1. ha ha, slowing down to read a good book. last time I did that (The Help-awesome read) I staying up all night and read the book in one sitting. not the nice and leisurely read, the ‘gotta finish this’ read.
    But yes, time is going by so fast, I notice it even more since I put the moon phase widget on my blog…it is a full moon again so fast, then no moon, then full again before I can realize a few weeks have gone by.
    And I keep taking on more and more. So time goes by even faster!
    I hardly even cook anymore….
    so lets try to slow down, and yes, appreciate the small things.
    I am with you there.


  2. Oh, you are so on target with my own issues. Actually, that’s how my summer was, when I signed up to do a lot of shows. A lot went by the way side, the house was a disaster, and I KNOW WELL the neck shoulder tension which is ongoing for me whether I”m relaxed or not. Well, I’m never relaxed. So this fall I have one show planned, and that’s enough. But I do still need that little incentive; I know if I were to just slow down and not have any goals of my own, I will quickly become impatient and cranky. It’s not enough for me just to be there for my children and husband (who like yours, in never home). But I do think about the books I want to read (only new little kindle!). For me slowing down I guess, is trying to strike the right balance. As for Advent, it IS right around the corner! I love Christmas time, and I DO want to enjoy that, not get caught up in the gifting rush. SO here’s to us both finding balance! (I do yoga stretches in the morning to get myself breathing normal…:))


  3. So hard but so important to tune out and turn off for as much as you can. Important physically and mentally. Sounds like I know what I’m talking about,right? Easier said than done but the effort is crucial. Just breathe……….!♥


  4. Sandractyle

    Thanks for your comment on myost, always like hearing from you! And I’m it’s say your new WordPress site is very upscale, so striking. Is there any way to follow likecon blogger?


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