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see what you can find in a ZBox.

You ask what is a ZBOX ?

Z Box is awesome samples from Zibbet shop owners from all over the world. You may also get various coupons from some of the companies. LEARN MORE AT: PURCHASE AT: and
Z Box is dedicated to introducing you to some fabulous Artists and Crafters that own shops on the innovative selling venue of Zibbet. Z Box contains sample items from some of these shop owners. Check back often to see what is featured in each month’s box, and there will always be some surprises also!! These boxes are available for purchase, so that you can receive a sampling of these Artists & Crafters talents. There will even be coupons from some of them , for you when you shop at their Zibbet Shops!
Samples from the very talented Zibbet Shop owners. Could be anything from soaps, jewelry, candles, crocheted items, knit items, cards, candy, bookmarks, and SO much more. There shops come up with awesome samples to show you just what they can do!!

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