how did this year go by so fast?

wow….only 16 more days and then 2011 will be over.

How did it go by so fast?  So many things happened this year that I had hardly any time to stop and digest any of it, well maybe some but by far not all.

Why does it seem the older we get the faster the year goes by? I remember the feeling when I was about 16 years ” oh boy, still 6 weeks till Summer break, that is an eternity”  Now you turn around tree times and three months are gone by.

When you have kids and your life is all about your kids a family time seems to run through your fingers.

What do you do to slow time down a little and have time to memorize those moments?

I still have some goals on my list I wanted to achieve this year, I guess they will have to wait and I will try to accomplish them next year. So many unexpected things happened this year, that we constantly got thrown off track. Had to reevaluate our plans and goals.

Those where not only negative things that happened, there where a whole bunch of positive unexpected moments this year I am super thankful for.  Sometimes I really wish though I could slow time down just a little bit, to enjoy some moments a little more intense.

I learned so many things this year, I could write a book. I made many new friends online and off-line.  I got the chance to see my Grandma again after 8 years.

I still have so much to learn…. I don’t think that I will do a big bunch the next 16 days. But I will make an effort each and every day in 2012 to learn something new. To cherish the then and now and try to live every moment as intense as possible.



4 thoughts on “how did this year go by so fast?

  1. wow, you are reading my mind! I feel the same way, time going by so fast!!
    Many things didn’t get finished this year, so going on the list for next year.
    But also new things must be added too.
    If you find out how to slow things down let me know, kay?


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