new years resolution, yes or no?

Did I ever make one? If yes, did I keep it and for how long?

What is a new years resolution :


New Year resolution is a commitment that an individual makes to one or more lasting personal goals, projects, or the reforming of ahabit. According to Gretchen Rubin (author of best-seller “The Happiness Project”): “You hit a goal, you achieve a goal. You keep a resolution”.

This lifestyle change is generally interpreted as advantageous. A New Years Resolution is generally a goal someone sets out to accomplish in the coming year. Some examples include resolutions to donate to the poor more often, to become more assertive, or to become moreenvironmentally responsible. A key element to a New Years Resolution that sets it apart from other resolutions is that it is made in anticipation of the New Year, and new beginnings.

There are religious parallels to this secular tradition. During Judaism’s New Year, Rosh Hashanah, through the High Holidays and culminating in Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement), one is to reflect upon one’s wrongdoings over the year and both seek and offer forgiveness. People may act similarly during the Christian fasting period of Lent, though the motive behind this holiday is more of sacrifice than of responsibility. The concept, regardless of creed, is to reflect upon self-improvement annually.

I started searching the net for new years resolution and found this worksheet  A quick, step-by-step guide to putting together realistic, achievable, and meaningful resolutions for the coming year. Divided into three sections:

Inventory, Resolutions, and Steps

Is that going to help me to keep my resolution better? I don’t know. I think I do better if I have someone who asks me how I am doing and am I taking the right steps to reach my goal.

First I have to brainstorm to see what my new years resolution will be. I know it will not be loosing weight or eating better. Those things I will work on all the time.

I think this year I have to concentrate more on my relationships with others and also my relationship with myself.

Than I have to think about how I will achieve those goals. Where do I want to be  in a year from now?  How will I keep track of my learning and changing?  Do I reward myself if I reached a certain step and with what?

The big question is ” how do I keep myself motivated and don’t fall back into my old patterns?”

I still have a few days to think about all this and get it all in writing. Hang it up on the wall, for me to see every day. Maybe find some quotes that get me going or find a song that will set my wheels in motion.

Do you set a new years resolution? Do you have troubles to keep it, what do you do to keep on track?





6 thoughts on “new years resolution, yes or no?

  1. I never make a resolution. But I do make a project goal to accomplish. Like getting finances in order if something should happen. Or having a surgery that I keep putting off. Big things. haha.


  2. I truly think that at the start of the new year it’s helpful to think about what we can do better but if the goals are too high then we worry about failure. Truly, I just try to do my best at whatever is before me, daily!


    1. I agree with you Barbra that if the goal is to high that we worry about failure. That is why I am trying to make reachable goals. And yes doing our best each and every day is a very good goal!


  3. for me it is not so much a new years resolution either, it is more achieving a goal like you. But I had to put a name on it there for the yes or no. And the finances are a constant battle here too, not so much on my side though 😉 . What kind of surgery are your putting off? Do you need some encouragement?


  4. I usually do not make New Years resolutions.
    This year is the first I thought I should, but only for business, not personal.
    I hope to set business goals and stick to achieving them. And actually some of those I have been planning for a long time, like doing craft fairs this year and expanding to more local stores.
    I have even achieved one of those already, but will not stop there.
    For personal things, when I decide to do something, I try to start at it right away, not planning for a new year or later time. But this year, all I can say is I hope that 2012 is much better than 2011, as this past year was a really tough one all around.
    Happiness and appreciating the great things in life are always something I hope to have, and if I am not feeling that, that is my resolution any time of year.


    1. Rebecca, I usually start personal stuff right away too, but I have something I have to work out that has been following me since my childhood and I have started here and there to work on it and only got to a certain point. It is time it will be put behind! So I will have to make a plan this time and will have to try to stick to it. It is so easy to not work on it, because I know it will cost me a lot of pain and hurt but it is all for me to be better after working through it.

      And YES 2012 WILL BE BETTER than 2011 because I am planing to live it more intensive!

      May it be a WONDERFUL YEAR for you too!


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