yummy, a story you wouldn’t want to miss

Today I would like to introduce you to Heather, the creator of Red Rose Confections .
Brief bio where you are from and how you startedI’m from Pittsburgh, PA the home of the Champions with our Pittsburgh Steelers, Penguins and Pirates! I got started in the baking, chocolate industry by a complete accident.  When I was a teenager, I was working in a grocery store and no one wanted to work in the bakery department and they were looking for ‘volunteers’ to go back and work and if they didn’t find any then they were going to just send people back there.  I was chosen to go back and work on the counter and hand people their cakes and breads and clean etc…
One of the cake decorators there was wonderful and I used to sneak and watch her work since she fascinated me on how fast she made everything.  My passion came from watching and then into doing.  I started as an assistant covering her eclairs in chocolate or drizzling her cupcakes and in the end I moved to a much larger bakery where I was a leading decorator for 15 years.
With my college degree decorating was not paying the bills and then I moved into HR, which was where I thought I wanted to be and waited forever for my chance to work in one of the offices. It was a long distance from the floor and being in the hustle and bustle and I missed it, but I didn’t have to miss it for long.  Less than 2 years later the entire HR department was laid off and I lost my job and was starting all over again after almost 17 years of service.  My husband encouraged me to going back to doing what I was passionate about: baking.
Now, I work from my home creating chocolates, cakes, cookies, barks, brittles and so much more. If you can dream it, I will try my best to create it!

How did your Studio get its name?
My studio was named by my fabulous husband actually.  I have red hair and have the nickname ‘ Red’.  He put it together by calling it Red Rose since roses are the most popular flower that you can make out of just about anything. I thought it had a nice ring to it and it stuck!

What material do you work with?I work with most any kind of confection material.  For my online store I work a lot with moldering and painting chocolate and dough to create cookies. I also make all my icing from scratch for each cookie that you see.  I’ve also worked with fondant and gumpaste to create sugar flowers as well as modeling chocolate and my scratch creme icing that I can create edible works of art.  If there is a way to make something pretty that you can eat, I’ve tried to find a way to do it.
I do have one machine that I use and that is my air gun. If you don’t know what an air gun is, it is a small air compressor that I fill with edible food coloring to spray backgrounds or to add some color to anything I make.  Last but not least I’m always using glitter. I have shake on, paint on, spray on, you name it!
In the future I would love to go back to school for chocolate and/or blown sugar art. I think its beautiful and would love to learn how to do it.

When did you discover your creative side?

I discovered that I had a creative side when I was working in that first smaller bakery.  People were very discouraging there and kept telling me that there were certain people that were gifted to work with food and some that weren’t and they claimed I was the latter.  I picked up and left and went to that larger bakery into a nearly 2 year training program and with a lot of blood, sweat and tears I learned the craft.  There were a lot of pitfalls along the way, but I got there!
I discovered more of it when I was on my own.  When it comes to making brittles, painting chocolates or cookies I’m self-taught.  I found out that I had more in me than I realized.

What inspires you and what get’s you motivated?
My husband is definitely my greatest inspiration.  He has always been behind me through all the good times and the bad and pushes me when I think I can’t do things or when I’m having trouble coming up with new ideas.
I’m also motivated greatly by music.  Anytime I’m making anything there is some sort of music playing in the background and I just feel the vibe and get into the zone.

Describe yourself with 5 words?
Passionate, Loving, Artistic, Competitive, Imaginative


11 thoughts on “yummy, a story you wouldn’t want to miss

  1. Great article, I love chocolate & used to make candy & cakes to sell also. Now only do for family. Nice to read all about you & learn about your life. My son & grand-daughter live in Pittsburgh~big Steelers fans!!


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