a Bohemian Dream

The Artist today I would like to introduce is Dawn,  the owner of this wonderful Zibbet shop Bohemian Grove
I currently live in the state of Maine and have for the last 9 years. I started an online shop a few years ago and have been with Zibbet since July 2011. I started crafting when I was a little girl and have never stopped.
I came up with the name for my shop because I like different and unique things. I am not real big on bright colors and prefer earth tones. I decided on Bohemian Grove because I love the bohemian look and style and Grove just seemed to go along well with it.
I don’t really work with any one particular material. I like to use whatever I find and can turn into something. Some of my favorite things to work with are beads, clay, paper mache and wire. I also love to recycle/upcycle things as well.
I discovered my creative side as a little girl. I was always creating things and loved art class. I used to make all kinds of things and give them as gifts to family members.
I am totally inspired and motivated by nature. I am totally fascinated with it. I take hundreds of photos of trees, leaves, wildlife, birds, cemeteries and whatever strikes my fancy at the time. I try to incorporate nature into my creations in one way or another.
If I had to use 5 words to describe myself I would say I am eccentric, kind, honest, creative and zany.

7 thoughts on “a Bohemian Dream

  1. What gorgeous items you create!
    I love Maine, our family took a vacation there once and we fell in love with the scenic beauty, the wonderful people, and the Moose. It is one of our all time favorite vacations.


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