“Peacefully Knitting”

Today I would like you to meet Tina from Peacefully Knitting

She is a wonderful Fiber Artist that I have been following and admiring for a while. See for yourself and get inspired !

where you are from and how did you start
I’m from all over the United States but have lived the longest in Arizona, so naturally this has become home.  My Mom taught me to knit when I was in high school but never really got into it until I was married.  By then I had forgotten what I had learned, so grabbed a book, some yarn and needles and the rest became history.
How did your Studio get its name?
Knitting provides peace and solace in my sometimes very busy life.  The name of my studio, Peacefully Knitting, seemed to fit me and my love of knitting.
What material do you work with?
I work mainly with wool but also use Alpaca.  I love hand-dyed yarns as well.
When did you discover your creative side?
I’ve been creative most of my life and attribute that to my Mom, who always encouraged me to try many things when it came to the arts and crafts.  For some reason though, knitting fits me and my nature.
What inspires you and what get’s you motivated?
Being surrounded by the gorgeous deserts and mountains of Arizona has inspired many of my designs but I’m often inspired simply by the texture, the feel and the look of the fiber or yarn that I have in my hands.  It seems to speak to me and I can visualize what it will become.
Describe yourself with 5 words?
Creative, articulate, loyal, passionate and thoughtful.
You can find a lot of Tina’s wonderful designs on Ravelry 
This is where else you can find her and her beautiful work:
Facebook:                            Peacefully Knitting in Arizona
Ravelry ID:                            Peacefullyknittng
Raverly Designer Page:     Tina Sanders, Peacefully Knitting
Website:                               Peacefully Knitting

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