May I introduce you to Monkmama?

I met Nancy online in the Zibbet community, a wonderful artist  with many talents.
Have fun reading her story about how her shop came to life!
  I am from central New York, I have always lived in this area my whole life. I got interested in decorative painting after seeing some at a craft show we went to. I loved it & decided I would try it. So I bought a book,paints etc.  & taught myself. From then on I was hooked  &  got so I just had to keep trying more & getting my own style!! I wish I would have tried it many years ago!
How did your Studio get its name?
Actually my husband thought of the name. I kept trying to think of something & it never seemed right. Then he came up with Pizzaz Glaz & it seemed to fit perfectly. My shops are at and
What material do you work with?
I work with many materials. I paint on a lot of glass items of all kinds & I love to do the wooden signs. Also cards,tin,cloth,records & vintage. I have tried just about everything. I have fun doing it & trying new things! I have a vintage wooden shoe mold that I found at a rummage sale & I’m trying to figure out what I want to paint on it. I love it & will probably keep it myself! We’ll see!
When did you discover your creative side?
I guess I have always been creative with one thing or another. I learned to sew when I was very young & made a lot of my clothes, including my wedding gown & bridesmaid dresses. Always crafting, making dolls to sell, doing alterations. I also learned to decorate cakes & made candies to sell.  I have had my hands in everything, candle making & soaps. Then I started painting, I didn’t realize I had the art thing in me-surprise!! I keep very busy & love trying anything new!
What inspires you and what get’s you motivated? I am inspired by pretty things & unusual. Whenever we go to a garage sale or rummage sale, I see many items I want to paint on. I get very motivated just bringing new things into my life & also recycling anything I can! I can collect up an awful lot though,!
Describe yourself with 5 words?
Passionate, loving, creative, thrifty & myself!

6 thoughts on “May I introduce you to Monkmama?

  1. So GOOD, Frauke – Monkmama is an inspiration to me, for sure – love it when people pick up a paint brush and transform the world around us!
    Grandmother Carolyn
    p.s. the video is excellent, too – well chosen!


    1. Thank you Carolyn, yes Nancy is for sure an inspiration!!

      “the video on the bottom you mean? it is not chosen from me, it is from wordpress, they use it as commercial”


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