“Enchanted Craft” ~ enchanted story

Hello everybody, here is another wonderful story about how Nicole’s and Gigi’s Shop came to be.  I would love to live in her house!
Brief bio where you are from and how you started: ?

We are a daughter (Nick) and mother (Gigi) team living, creating, working, and traveling together. Gigi (my wonderful mother) is originally from a little town in Austria called ‘Baden bei Wien’ (The town of Baden [Bath] beside Vienna). She came to this country in the 1960’s looking for a new life. Although all students in Austria learned some English, Gigi taught herself American English from everyday life. As a child Gigi was a ‘tom boy’, but she also learned to be a skilled knitter, crocheter,  seamstress, quilter, and cross stitcher. I am forever astounded at her skill at these fiber arts. In our shop you can see her knitted and crochet creations. Mother taught me many of my first skills.

I (Nick) was born in Sunny California and was (and is!) defiantly a ‘Tom Boy’ right from the beginning. My wonderful Dad let me ‘help’ him working on cars, woodworking, electronics, as soon as I was able to toddle around the garage. Dad worked for IBM back when computers took up entire buildings. He would take me to work and boy was that great! He had great talent for computers and passes that on to me. My mother taught me to love crafting, sewing, and all the skills she knew. We moved to NY state in the late 70’s and we all enjoyed living in the country. In the 80’s we moved to Florida and I started getting ‘serious’ with my painting while I was in high school. In college I majored in Biology and minored in Math- but art is my love. A great place that used all my skills was building Mardi Gras Floats in Mobile, Al. In fact I worked for A & V Mystic Builders for 14 years, until I moved away.

How did your Studio get its name?
Way back in High School my artist abilities were starting to really develop and I was painting quite a bit in the fantasy theme. Our school made sure they had a booth in every craft fair in the area and it was free for the students to have work in it. I always had several pieces in the booth and ‘worked’ in it as well. I needed a ‘shingle’ (sign) to hang with my work and the idea hit me that “Enchanted Craft” would cover every single medium I was working in at the time (oil, acrylic, clay, printing, beading, and sewing). That was back in 1987 and I never changed the name. Even now Gigi (Mom) and I focus our items on the fantasy and science fiction areas we love so much.
What material do you work with? I think it is easier to say what I don’t work with- I don’t weld metal. LOL! Anyone who wanders around in my home or looks at my websites can see that I work in tons of mediums. I paint in oil, acrylic and watercolor.
I love to draw with colored pencils. I sew and quilt. I make beaded jewelry. I love polymer clay. I really enjoy painting murals
(http://enchantedcraft.weebly.com/murals-older.html) and my home is filled with them. I also adore building things out of wood- in fact last year I made a modular queen sized platform bed for myself. Gigi on the other hand sticks with yarn and DMC thread. She knits, crochets, and stitches to her hearts content.

When did you discover your creative side?
I don’t think my creative side was discovered by me- I think it ran me over like a train when I was born. Unlike other kids who stopped doing those early scribbles, I kept right on scribbling. I remember in kindergarden all the kids making fun of my pictures because the blue from my sky went all the way down to the horizon line. I pointed out that the sky doesn’t stop when you look out over something flat (think about it- I was 6 years old). My Mom and Dad both thought that a creative kid was a healthy kid, so they encouraged me to try everything at least once. I really started hitting my stride in 9th grade- but one of my big problems was ‘knowing’ when to STOP working on something. Quite a number of projects were ruined because I didn’t STOP.

What inspires you and what get’s you motivated?
Nature inspires me more than anything else- even the most ‘science fiction’ type things in my shop actually are sparked from nature. The night sky here is crisp and clear- letting me dream about the stars I see. Almost all sci-fy deals with that beautiful night sky. When we travel I let all the places fill me with wonder- and that feeling becomes my art.  http://enchantedcraft.weebly.com/art.html

Describe yourself with 5 words?
Artistic, Cheerful, Crazy, Geek, Intelligent

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14 thoughts on ““Enchanted Craft” ~ enchanted story

  1. Nicole, I love the interaction and closeness you have with your Mom. You are so talented; I loved reading how it developed and your experiences!!


  2. I loved hearing about your beginnings, Gigi and Nicole! You certainly have lived in many different places and had wonderful experiences along the way. (how cool is it that your HS offered you the chance to develop your passion!)
    Thank you for sharing.


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