puzzle Mayhem!

http://www.zibbet.com/handmadefuzzy/artwork?artworkId=6163821897642-large Jigsaw Puzzlehow quick did you get him back together? share your time with me in the comments!


4 thoughts on “puzzle Mayhem!

    1. Good Morning Rebecca! Did you get another coffee or did you go for your walk?
      I just got back from OT and am pooped on the way over there was a mess on the road, everything backed up due to a burning car. Then all the parking was full….aaa… I need some coffee now! Enjoy your day!


      1. oh no! thank goodness it wasn’t your burning car, lol.
        the handyman showed up and put me behind, ran out of coffee and didn’t want to make more. started laundry, so gearing up for my walk (still!).
        head getting drowsy so better go.


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