still stuck in between two continents?

The last few days I am feeling kind of sluggish not much energy for anything. Well to my defence I had a 6 year old with an ear infection in the house and that took a lot of my energy. I didn’t even have time or muse to sit down and knit a few rows not even thinking about creating something new. I have 3 unfinished mice lying around, half a hat and a top that I started for myself.

But my main issue at the moment is, why do I still not know what and when are the American Holidays?  Yes I know the ones from Germany, why is there not more push from my side to remember the ones from my second home now? Is it  because my hubby pretty much has to work on every Holiday and we never had a chance to start our own traditions? Is it the hype that’s putting me off that is created around each of these Holidays?

I don’t know.  The days like Christmas Eve and Easter, St. Nikolaus, Advent, New Years have their own “family routine”. 4th of July we always try to spend with some friends.

My  other question is, am I hurting my business if I don’t create some Holiday related items?  I think I don’t , my items can be bought all year for any occasion, I think. I just sometimes get this empty feeling or the feeling that I might be making the wrong decisions, when the days around a Holiday all those sales are promoted with a certain theme. Everybody is promoting his/ her newest themed creation.

What is your intake on this?


11 thoughts on “still stuck in between two continents?

  1. Connie

    I think you should keep up your German traditions! Wish I would have done that a bit more, I lost a lot of my “Germanness” over the years by adjusting too well!

    And if you don’t feel like doing it, don’t create holiday items! Your creations are YOUR creations, holiday or not! And like you say, they’re good year round! Keep up your creativity with things you like to do, you’re obviously doing it right!


  2. I have my moments too, you will get through it, and know that your blogger peeps are here. Once your feeling better lets link up! -smiles nicole


  3. I rarely do holiday items…the ones I’ve done never sell online. I think the major retailers have the markets cornered for holiday decorations, so I stick to the things I love that sell year round. This time of years seems to be hard on many of us. Hang in there…spring is just around the corner!


  4. I am still on ‘island time’ after 7 years off the Island, lol.
    I sometimes make holiday things, but always too close to the holiday to have much success in selling. But the good news is the things I make will still be around next year.
    I wouldn’t worry too much about getting the holidays right. There are so many here in the states, and most only some celebrate, so you do what feels right to you.

    In Cayman, there was at least one holiday every month, one day where banks and schools and government offices are closed. I miss those days. The whole Island celebrated and it was nice to have days like that. Everyone slowed down. Here, no one slows down. So I say, take it at your own pace and enjoy!


  5. I don´t think it is “compulsary” to make holiday themed items to have regular good sales. It is more important to be able to create something that the market wants.
    I think you have it there.


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