A warm Welcome to RainboWire Jewelry

Today I would like to sneak behind the scene from RWJ, do you want to come with me?

Here is her shop http://www.zibbet.com/RainboWireJewelry

this is Diane  the creative brain behind those wonderful creations.




these are all the places where you can find RWJ:








7 thoughts on “A warm Welcome to RainboWire Jewelry

  1. SandractyleR

    Great interview! Interesting that she stated with paper ideas…. And love those funny little guys!


    1. Sandra…Thanks for enjoying my interview with Frauke. Yes, it was unusual that I left the track of beginning my journey to becomming a handmade paper artist. I don’t regret following the path of a wire jewelry artist though. If I had another life, I would–for sure– take the “papermaking artist” track. I am so busy with wire jewelry now & I don’t have time to split my energies. As long as I can develop and use my creativity, I am a happy camper,,,,I mean artist. Also, I agree~~~those funny little guys (Bead Dancer Pins) are cute; I love making them in different wire colors. Folks at my craft shows seem to get a real kick out of them too. They are usually a big reason for many smiles in my tent!

      Smiles ;> Diane, RainboWire Jewelry artist
      “Colorful, Creative, Fun”


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