can you feel the heat? Breath of the dragon is close!

When I go visit her shop I can nearly smell the burning wood. As a kid I had an afternoon wood burning activity, and I loved it. I never picked it up later though. But I can appreciate the work she puts into her pieces and admire the steady hand she has to have.  So come with me and let’s hear how Connie’s (aka Sunfire) love to creating turned into a business.


Brief bio where you are from and how you started
I grew up in Ohio and Florida, and joined the US Navy after high school. I served 5 years working with computers before I decided this wasn’t the life I wanted. In 2006 I was discharged from the Navy, and with that extra time on my hands, I began looking for ways to work for myself.

How did your Studio get its name?
My mom actually helped me come up with the name, way back in 2003, but little did either of us realize just how well it fit me and all I would be doing.”Breath of the Dragon” can cover a lot of different things, all that I’ve tried and/or considered in the development of my business. From poetry and incense, to the burning of wood that I do now, and to the candles I hope to make in the near future.

What material do you work with?
I currently work mainly by burning designs onto craft wood, whether it be boxes, plaques or small charms I can get at the craft store. I’ve also begun working with hemp, making necklaces featuring my woodburned charms. Soon I hope to be working with beeswax making hand-dipped taper candles.

When did you discover your creative side?
In late 2006, I was given a burning pen and a plank of wood, and shown the basic theories of how wood burning works. I was hooked, and have been learning and practicing ever since.

What inspires you and what get’s you motivated?
Making items I know people want/enjoy/desire is probably my favorite part, but I also love working in detail, seeing all the little parts that make up a given design, and doing my best to be perfect in my burning down to the tiniest lines and dots. A lot of my work is Celtic or Asian in nature (as that is my main focus), or it is based on words. It’s a nice feeling to have someone see my work for the first time and think that a machine did it (laser), when in fact it was all done by hand.

Describe yourself with 5 words?
upbeat, happy, literal, silly, genuine

— (my own domain, currently points to


7 thoughts on “can you feel the heat? Breath of the dragon is close!

  1. Sunfire

    Thank you so much, both for the feature, and for selecting some of my Turn Peace Around items to feature! Going to share on FB and G+ now. 🙂


  2. RainboWire Jewelry

    Enjoyed learning more about “Breath of the Dragon” and seeing the wonderful pieces. I especially like the wood burned ones!! Appreciate the sharing…always good to know more about a particular artist.


  3. Nice to read more about Breath of the Dragon, your wood burning is so nice! Your Turn Peace around items are great!


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