is it really that hard to make a decision?

just the other day I noticed that I am running low on my business cards.  The few ones I have left still look like when I first started out selling on line, with my first mice on them and a little cluttered with all the links where I can be found. 

My main goal is to get all my cards, blog, FB page, tags etc to have the same color scheme and logo on it. 

First I though maybe I need a catchy slogan? Are not my mice slogan enough? 

I am a person who thinks and lives that less is more. Yes I love pattern and loud colors, but on other people. For myself I like to keep it simple.

So back to my branding issue.   IImage 

I had Judy from design me a new card. This is where we are so far. 

Now my question, are my mice enough as a logo ? to much?  Do I really need a catchy slogan or do my mice say enough? 

Do I need all my social links on there? 


Wow I guess I have a lot of questions at the moment, I am at a road block and need a little input.

So, what do you think?  


Thanks for your comments!

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