see the world through Lauries eyes

this week I would like you to meet Laurie. A photographer with a special something. She has an eye for nature and you can see that in her pictures.

Why don’t you go find out for yourself. Her shop can be found here.

But I would suggest to read her wonderful story first.

Brief bio where you are from and how you started
My name is Laurie Ryan, I’ve lived in Norfolk for over 30 years, and I’ve always loved photography and have 30 years experience with a 35mm camera.
My images have been published a number of times, the International Library of photography has accepted 18 of my images for a number of their books. I was invited to send 2 images each for their 2003 and 2005 Best Photos books. I have received a couple of special awards for my images at the International Society of Photographers conference held in DC in April of 2004 and in their 2006 conference in Las Vegas.
The Virginia Zoological Park has used my images in a number of ways, in their news letters, for press releases in, their animal adoption program, advertisements, their educational programs, their web sites and they used 8 of my images in a calendar for a market campaign.
An image of mine was also published in a children’s book a few years ago called Animals Have Cousins Too.
I had 28 images on display at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens in the summer of 2003.
In July of 2005 ten images were on display at The Mystical Attic at Wards Corner and later that same year some were put on display at a restaurant in Suffolk called The Magnolia Blossom. The restaurant still has those images to date.

In April of 2005 I also started to market my own greeting and note cards using my images and I’ve very happy to say they are selling very well.
The summer of 2006 the Suffolk Art Museum displayed 2 of my images during one of their open shows.
I also started adding to my consignment shops finding more stores to carry my images especially the cards.
Early in 2007 the Mystical Attic at Virginia Beach VA started displaying 3 of my images on a permanent basis.
Also in early 2007 the Phoebus Art Gallery displayed one of my images for their open show
Summer of 2007 the Suffolk Art Museum again displayed 2 more images during its open show and they both sold!
Summer of 2007 1 image went on display at the Drawn to Art gallery in Ghent.
Summer of 2007 1 image is going on display at the Riverview Gallery in Portsmouth.
July of 2007 I was invited to set up at the 5 Points Farmers Market at MacArthur Mall in Norfolk. I sold a number of items at that show.

In 2008 I was invited to submit art work to the Hampton Convention Center on 2 different occasions for display one of which is still being displayed there.
Also in 2008 I started showing images at the Artist Gallery on Norfolk Ave in VA Beach VA some of which sold as well there.
Also in 2008 I started showing images at the River View Gallery in Portsmouth VA and sold some items there as well.  Now in March of 2009 I have rented a space there and also have cards for sale there.
How did your Studio get its name?  it’s my real name

What material do you work with?    Film only
When did you discover your creative side?  100 years ago LOL I knew way back when I was still using a 110 and 120 size cameras
What inspires you and what get’s you motivated?  Nature, I love nature I love animals and I want to capture their beauty and cuteness forever

Describe yourself with 5 words?  Irish, fun, creative, nice, happy

Thank you Laurie for sharing your story with us and your wonderful work of art. Just love those cute prairie dog pictures.


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