nothing is more fun than Clay!

Today I would like to introduce you to Carrie from Carrie’s Clay Creations. She just opened up her shop in Zibbet this year and is busy getting her shelves filled with wonderful polymer clay creations.

Where are you from ?

I am living in Mesa, AZ. I was born in Mesa, AZ. But was raised most of my life in Utah.

                   what a cute turtle 

How did your Store get its name?

I came up with the name because I thought it sounded catchy. I liked it.


 The main media you work with is?

I work with polymer clay at the moment, however, I have worked with other mediums like acrylic paints for tole painting. I enjoy making handmade cards too.

             ( love this one, well you know the story behind the Frog/ Frauke)
When and how did you find out you had a talent for crafts?

I discovered that I really enjoyed doing crafts when I was first married. My sisters were doing crafts and encouraged me to do it too. Arts and crafts seem to run in the family.
Who or what inspires you?

My daughters are the inspiration behind many of my pieces.

(they look so real. And are calorie free)

Describe myself in five words – (hum), I am a reserved person. I know boring.

I don’t think Carrie is a boring person at all. You might not be a very  talkative person but you have definitely something to say what shines through your wonderful work.

I had to pic that bracelet with the kitties, I am a cat person. But she has one for dog lovers too, right here .

I was the lucky person to win of her bracelets, which now one of my daughter is constantly wearing. This is a picture of the fruity bracelet.

You can find Carrie’s Clay Creations right here !!


6 thoughts on “nothing is more fun than Clay!

  1. love love the clay creations! So much I went over to Zibbet and bought a totally cute pair of cupcake earrings for my niece. Thanks for the great post.


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