Who is behind RAIGE?

This week I would like to introduce you to a friend in NC. I have never met her in person but we met over Zibbet and kind of clicked. We motivate each other and pick each other up if we are in a creative ditch. I hope one day to meet her face to face.

So here we go meet Rebecca from Raige

Brief bio where you are from and how you started

It is such a long road from where I started compared to where I am now, that I can hardly believe it sometimes. I am originally from the snow-belt of the north – just outside of Buffalo, NY.  But nowadays I say I am from the Caribbean, as that was where I started my life after college and began a family. It is where my heart still longs to be. A Category 5 hurricane blew us back to Western New York for a few years, and then we moved here, to the mountains of North Carolina. I love these mountains, and can say for the first time since the Caribbean that I love where I live and am happier because of it.

Having said that, Raige would not be at all if it wasn’t for the tough times in Western New York, where Raige Creations was born. It was the thoughtful gift of a crochet hook and some yarn from my mother-in-law that got me started crocheting, and due to her suggestions and support, Toekini’s were born.  Being from artistic families, both my husband and I love to create and I am happy to say Raige is not alone in her business, but has family support and family made item for sale as well. My mother-in-law, Bridget makes beautiful jewelry and Raige is happy to represent her works. My husband and daughter also contribute to creations and will soon have their own items in the shop.

How did your Studio get its name?

Raige Creations was named one afternoon in the late summer while we were still in Western New York. I had set up a table in the front yard to try to sell some jams and tarts that I made from the Mulberry tree in our backyard, and other fruits. After the first sale, no one else came by, but my daughter kept me company and we chatted and were being silly. She had just created a teddy bear for her best friend, from designing the pattern, to the cutting and sewing of the fabric. It turned out so cute I told her we could make these and sell them! So we tossed around ‘company names’ and Raige Creations was born. Her name – Paige, my name – Rebecca. Put that together and you have Raige. We create – simple as that.

What material do you work with?

I like to work with many different materials, so it really depends on the mood I am in and the time I have to work on the project.
I mainly work with yarns of all kinds and colors. It is great to be able to create while sitting with the kids when they play video games or watch TV. I also love to make tied quilts, out of whatever fabric I happen to have. I have made quilts from flannel shirts, jeans and dresses, and next up is tee shirts.
Most recently I have been playing with glass. I started making mosaics about a month ago and I love it. I love colored glass, and have a slight addiction to collecting china and ceramic pieces, so am well stocked.  I would love to do some stained glass as well.

In the future, I hope to do some pottery again once hubby gets the wheel and kiln set up. I love to paint also, but haven’t done that in several years. Basically, whatever I can create with, I do.

When did you discover your creative side?

I never knew life without creating. I guess I was lucky that way. My mother was an artist and since we were born we have had access to paints, clays, etc. She taught at a city after-school arts program and us kids tagged along because day care was not an option. We took classes for the smaller kids, which involved painting and clay sculpture. She taught the older kids photography, and  when we got older, we learned photography too. There was never a time when creating wasn’t in our lives.

What inspires you and what get’s you motivated?

Motivation is a tricky thing, and I sometimes struggle with it. But usually when I go outside and see the beauty of what is around me I remember how thankful I am to be able to enjoy nature and have the time to create on my terms. So I am inspired to make the most out of this opportunity.  Toekini’s were born from the love of going barefoot and the love of the beach and ocean.  Nature has such amazing things to show us, it is hard not to enjoy it.
My family is also a big part of my inspiration and motivation. I wouldn’t be where I am now if they weren’t so supportive and a big part of Raige Creations.

Describe yourself with 5 words?

Caring, determined (or demanding according to my family), adventurous, a planner and procrastinator mixed together.


Raige can be found in these places:







17 thoughts on “Who is behind RAIGE?

  1. This was such a wonderful, interesting interview. How fun to come from such a creative family and be able to constantly bounce ideas off each other. : )


  2. Nancy

    Love the creations “Raige” shows us here on Zibbet & it’s so good to find out more about your life!! Thanks for sharing! Nancy


  3. aww – you all are awesome! thank you so much.
    I should have mentioned that without the excellent Zibbeters and friends I have made online, I also would not be where I am today. You all always make me smile and glad that I am part of a creative world.
    Thank you!


  4. wow….this sounds like my life (without the Caribbian). I grew up in Tonawanda NY, right outside Buffalo, have an artsy family, share my shop with my daughter, and now live in the foothills of western NC. Now I’m on my way to check out Raige. Thanks for the intro. lol


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