still not getting anywhere

The pronator teres tunnel syndrome still has it’s grip on me. This has been going on since last year around 4th of July.

This is where my pain sits 

Pronator syndrome is an uncommon clinical syndrome which appears to mimic many of the
symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome (see above).  It refers to compression of the median
nerve to the hand by the pronator teres muscle resulting in pain in the forearm, complaints of
“tiredness” in the foream, clumsiness and weakness of the hand muscles,  and pain and
numbness in the hand in the same pattern as carpal tunnel syndrome.  The median nerve runs
under the pronator teres muscle in the forearm and is the same nerve involved in carpal tunnel
syndrome when entrapped at the wrist.  However, as opposed to carpal tunnel syndrome, there
is a negative Tinel’s sign over the wrist (reproduction of pain by tapping over the wrist), a
positive Tinel’s sign in the forearm, and less pain at night compared with carpal tunnel
syndrome in which there is more pain at night.  The syndrome is caused by inflammation of the
muscle of the forearm responsible for rotating the hand from palm up to palm down position.
Activities such as repetitive elbow movements in chopping wood, rowing a boat, etc. lead to the
onset of the pain although in some patients there is no specific triggering activity.  (

I was in a cast for nearly 10 weeks in this grueling heat. Still wearing a splint. Some days it’s better and some days it’s just like it was the first day. I have no idea what else to do. Surgery is not an option for me, don’t want to start cutting around on my arm.

So I do knit a few stitches, surf the internet a little and do normal household chores with the hope this will get better some day again.


3 thoughts on “still not getting anywhere

  1. I can’t imagine….. I wish there was something that could be done to help.

    Do pain relievers help at all? Not that I’m saying you should get hooked on Tylenol, but it might make crafting a bit more tolerable…

    Then again, from the sound of it, your crafting may have been the cause… Which would totally suck…

    Thinking healing thoughts for you!


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