yes…there was some change!

You might be wondering what is going on here?  where are the mice? I am still making mice, I love making all those little Characters. That’s not all I create though, I have many other wonderful items in my shop. 

Well, I have been thinking about this for a long time already but didn’t quite know what direction I wanted to go. Until just last week.

The reason behind the change is that I wanted to give my business a more pulled together look and still represent my personality.

As you might now I love the color purple so that had to be part of it. Then my shops name is handmadeFuzzy, due to my hubby calling me Fuzzy instead of Frauke. And when I was still in School I used to doodle those little Fuzzies in all shapes and sizes doing all kinds of different things. After my shop is all about handmade things, what better then to have the little Fuzzy knit. 

I wanted to be as minimal as possible at the same time memorable. And I really think Judy from did a wonderful job.

ImageSo, now I feel I am complete. My Fuzzy can pick up the needles and start coming up with some more wonderful creations.

Thank you for bearing with me through these growing pains. And I hope you love the logo and banner as much as I do.

Happy Halloween!! 



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