puzzled necklace

3059631-large Jigsaw Puzzle Click on the puzzle and  have fun!


This weeks puzzle is from  http://www.zibbet.com/BijouBooth/artwork?artworkId=1006208

her profile says:

Hey! I’m Cindi Booth and I make all of the jewelry in Bijou Booth.

Several years ago, I quit my day job as an IT Manager and started on a jewelry making frenzy! I’ve had so much fun with it, and am always learning something new and perfecting my work. My shop reflects my current favorites – enameling and metalwork..

I live in Little Rock, Arkansas with my Sweetie and my little black dog. I grew up in Louisiana – my great-grandmother was French. I miss my home state, but I do love Arkansas and all the natural beauty that it offers.

I’ve also lived in Texas and Colorado, which you will see reflected in some of my pieces. I love the Southwest and have spent many happy hours there.

I’m a vegetarian, a gardener, a hiker, a biker, a kayaker, and I love to read. But I really get into my flow when I’m making jewelry. Time just – whoosh – it’s gone – when I’m making a new piece of jewelry!

So, take a look around ==> http://www.zibbet.com/BijouBooth

The pictures below are of my beautiful adopted state, Arkansas, and my two sweeties.

Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for stopping by!



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