come and meet : MysticDreamerArt

I found Ann’s work last week while I was looking for pieces for my Spotlight Friday.

She was so kind to share her story with us.

Brief bio where you are from and how you started

Though born in L.A., I’m now staunchly from Boulder, CO, where I live in the beautiful pine covered foothills of the Rocky Mountains.  I’ve always loved art, and one of the most precious gifts I ever received (when I was 16), was that my older sister took me to an artist’s house and bought me my very own painting. Wow!  I’ve always collected art, but I never really created any art, other than a few sporadic but fun craft projects, until I retired.  I was wandering in my back yard and the decorative bark under the trees caught my eye. And I thought, it would be fun to make a mask out of a piece of that.  So I did – and it was so much fun that I found myself creating hundreds, large and small.  Soon I had to ask Spirit what to do with them, as they were filling up my house.  The clear answer was, “Give it to Charity”, so that’s what I do.  100% of all income from my art goes to charity, and so far 970 acres have been saved through the World Land Trust –

chameleon clock


Aurora Borealis clock


How did your Studio get its name?

Actually, my sister helped name it by doing astrological charts for myself and my husband/soul mate when we married six years ago. She cast him as the Mystic and me as the Dreamer (which was right on point), and I just put them together for my shop name, because he and our relationship are the bedrock that my creative work rests on and flows out of.


What material do you work with?

While I originally worked with natural materials such as rocks, leaves, bark, feathers, etc. plus beads, I now work in polymer clay (still some beads and feathers and some techy components, but not as a major part of my work).  It’s such a great medium.  It’s so versatile and colorful, and so, so forgiving, which I love.  I like to have fun working and not stress over technical difficulties of the material. .

Owl Spirit



When did you discover your creative side?


My creative side has always been here, though not always focused on creating art. Although I do remember making ash trays out of dry pasta and plastic dishes, and going door-to-door in my neighborhood selling them for a quarter when I was 6.  Oh, my poor neighbors! I was a techy for my career.  First I did programming, then systems analysis, then teaching and developing courses for technical topics.  And all those things used my creative energy and skill and honed it in ways I didn’t realize until I brought the result to my art after retiring.

Earth Galactic Goddess Pendant



Retro Triangle Earrings



What inspires you and what gets you motivated?

I am inspired by my dreams and meditations for design concepts.  My motivation is at its peak when a design comes through this way, rather than my trying to think something up.  I am also most motivated when I just play with the clay, and see what it has to tell me, and how it wants to express itself.  Masks are my favorite thing to create, because to me they have real Spirits that tell me how they want to be (often at odds with how I would create them).  In other words, when I get out of my own way and let it come through, that’s the peak experience of creativity for me.

Sweet Medicine Kachina Mask



The extreme case of this is when I create something and it breaks (polymer clay can be structurally weak when used for large sculptures as I sometimes do).  I often sit with the broken pieces and something new emerges, that is both surprising and beyond what I expect. Here’s an example where my Sacred Flame Teapot, which won 1st place for sculptural objects (proficient category) in the International Polymer Clay Association’s competition de-constructed itself, and morphed into Fire Jelly, a wall sculpture. What was essentially a Phoenix teapot, self-destructed and was re-born in a new form.  Very mythical and mysterious!

Sacred Flame Teapot



Fire Jelly



Describe yourself with 5 words?

Focused, Bright, Creative, Spiritual, Loving.


These are the places where you can find MysticDreamer Art:

Mystic Dreamer: Art for the Earth

Etsy Shop:

Zibbet Shop:



Together we create The World at Peace, the World as One.



Thank you Ann for this wonderful inspiring interview!



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