ok… so here is my eye color….

it really depends on my mood and what I am wearing.

This picture was taken about 15 minutes ago.

IMG_0108usually my eyes are blue, sometimes they do tend to go into grey if I am not feeling good or if I wear a certain color..

we had 5 people say blue and one grey, that will go in the pot too!

so let me get to the winner


IMG_0109 those where the 6 names that had guessed blue and grey, all in one little pot.




this is my hubby pulling out one of the folded papers.


drum roll…….


IMG_0111Congratulation Norma! I will have it in the mail for you on Monday!


Thank you all for playing this guessing game with me. It was fun for me, I hope you had a little bit of fun too!



5 thoughts on “ok… so here is my eye color….

  1. Received this charming creation today and I must say the photos do not do it justice! It is adorable! Love the sparkles and the movement – such a fun bit of whimsy! I’ll be wearing this a lot!!! Thanks so much!


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