Do you know what Street Flower Art is?

You don’ know?  Well I didn’t know either until I got in contact with Phillip.

His Zibbet shop is called Street Flower Art , have a look what he designs.

Here is a little peak into his life and how his store came to life.

I am originally from California, Nevada and Oregon. These three places are where I grew up and spent most of my life. I started by having a major interest in nature and wildlife. I really enjoy being outdoors and seeing animals in their natural habitat. More recently I have grown accustomed to gathering metal pieces on the side of the road to recycle them and make either jewelry or key chains out of the pieces I find.

My studio received it’s name when I was traveling and was trying to incorporate something beautiful with something gritty. During the time of coming up with the name I spent a great deal of time being on the street. Living under bridges. And seeing all the beauty of creation in the process. So I mix the gritty earthy items such as the key chains with the beautiful items which are the photography pieces I have in the shop. So Street Flower Art is the best of both worlds.

The materials I work with are nature in all forms.  For photography I.E. Flowers, birds, trees, sunsets, sunrises, butterflies, alligators, spiders, turtles, tortoises. On the other end- for jewelry and key chains I use. Antique keys, seashells, wooden and glass beads, scrap metal, scrap leather, bone beads. 

I discovered my creative side around 1998 when I took my first camera to Argentina and captured photos of the people on my trip. I was not using the best gear, so the photos were not that great at all. But I developed a passion for photography at the time. Then around 2000 I started writing poetry and have had a passion to encourage others through my writings. As far as the key chains and jewelry, I have been working with those items in the past 3-4 years. So it is a newer venture of creativity. 

My inspiration comes from my Savior Jesus first and foremost. From there HiS creation and all the animals I see on a daily basis. I always want to take photos of them. My poetry is inspired from my personal walk with Christ. Most of them are similar to Psalms in the bible. But I also try to point out my own weakness and need for someone stronger than myself. I also like writing about people I meet. Most of those writings are about their character and they are often humorous writings. People are very complex yet simple and I enjoy capturing them on paper. These are people I know personally and not strangers. Had to throw that in there to stay on the safe side.

.   Describe yourself with 5 words:

Peaceful. hopeful, compassionate, artistic, patient

and those are the places where  you can find him:



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