Spotlight Friday: Beer, Mustard and Sausage

Right now there is the Oktoberfest in Munich. I went there every year with my Grandma when I was a little girl. Lot’s of fun memories there.

O’zapft is – The 180th Octoberfest has started!

Saturday, 12 o’clock – high noon in the “Schottenhamel” beer tent: By tapping the first barrel of beer, Christian Ude started the 180th Oktoberfest.

With the experience of almost two decades in office, Christian Ude, Mayor of Munich, has started the Oktoberfest by tapping the first barrel of beer in the Schottenhamel tent.
With two strikes, Ude drove the tap into the barrel and spoke the magic words: “O’zapft is!” – “It’s tapped!”

The first mug of beer was then handed to the Bavarian Prime Minister, Horst Seehofer.
Next year, somebody else will serve the beer to Horst Seehofer: Christian Ude is in his last year as Mayor of Munich and won’t be able to run for office again, as he has reached the maximum number of terms.

As in all the years bevor, Christian Ude ended the opening ceremony by wishing everybody a peaceful Oktoberfest. would like to join Christian Ude with this wish and hopes that everybody will have a great time in Munich.

  The Major of Munich tapping the first barrel., Copyright©
The Major of Munich tapping the first barrel.
It is tradition to eat a Weisswurst with Mustard and a pretzel and drink a good beer with it.

Weisswurst (German Weißwurst [ˈvaɪsvʊɐ̯st] ( listen), literally white sausage;Austro-BavarianWeißwuascht) is a traditional Bavarian sausage made from very finely minced veal and fresh pork back bacon. It is usually flavoured withparsleylemonmaceonionsginger, and cardamom, although there are some variations. Then the mixture is stuffed into fresh, clean pork casings and separated into individual sausages measuring about ten to twelve centimeters in length and about two centimeters in thickness.

As it is very perishable, Weisswurst is traditionally manufactured early in the morning and prepared and eaten as a snack between breakfast and lunch—there is a saying that the sausages should not be allowed to hear the church bells’ noon chime.[1] Traditionally, Weisswurst may only be served until midday because preservatives are not used, the meat is not smoked, and hence the sausage is made fresh every day. Before modern refrigeration technologies, in summertime the sausages would go bad before nightfall. Even today, most Bavarians eat their Weisswurst before noon.

The sausages are heated in salted water well short of boiling, for about ten minutes, which will turn them greyish-white because no color-preserving nitriteis used in Weisswurst preparation.

Weisswurst is brought to the table in a big bowl together with the cooking liquid used for preparation (so it does not cool down too much), then eaten without the skin.[2] Ways of eating Weisswurst include the traditional way, called zuzeln, in which each end of the sausage is cut or bitten open, then the meat is sucked out from the skin.[1][3] Alternatively, the more popular and more discreet ways of consuming it are by cutting the sausage longways and then “rolling out” the meat from the skin with a fork, or just ripping the sausage apart and consuming the filling.[3]

Weisswurst is commonly served with a special Bavarian sweet mustard(Weisswurstsenf) and accompanied by Brezen (Bavarian Pretzel — often spelled Brezeln outside of Bavaria) and Weissbier.[3]

Weisswurst is rarely eaten in other parts of Germany besides Bavaria—a fact that helped coin the term Weißwurstäquator.

So lets see what I could find on, that fits this yummy plate.

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Little Hot Dog / Dachshund / Wiener dog / Sausage dog – Crochet Amigurumi pattern
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8 thoughts on “Spotlight Friday: Beer, Mustard and Sausage

  1. Oktoberfest is an absolute no-go for me as is the Wasen (the second biggest fest after the Oktoberfest, held in the town where I work and where I used to live), but the choice of items is very cool!


  2. Rebecca ~ Raige Creations

    how fun!
    never been to an Oktoberfest, but these items are fantastic.
    the cityscape is great.


  3. Frauke, I love this because it reminds me of your German heritage. Not only are your Zibbet choices too cool, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the history of the weisswurst. Great job and happy Oktoberfest.


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