And who is the winner?

well let’s go find out!

Thank you all for being part of my HandmadeFuzzy life, I am happy to have you.

And I am so excited to pick the happy winner of the giveaway now.

So I had 9 right answers in my comment section. Just to make sure I had everyone I wrote every ones name on a piece of paper.


to make it a little bit more fun I counted from the bottom up.

Then I went to the random number picking page and typed in how many numbers I have to pick from, and how many number it has to pick.

Well I wanted one winner from 9 right answers.


and this is what the random number picker has spit out:


drum roll please


and our winner is:



Oh Number 1, who was that….let’s take a look who #1 was



YES , congratulations Melinda!


Would you please contact me at and tell me what color

cords you would like and which bead and what the size of your wrist is.


Thank you everyone for participating. I am very happy that you are all in my crafty life.




4 thoughts on “And who is the winner?

  1. Rebecca ~ Raige Creations

    oh the suspense was killing me! Nice way to announce, loved it.
    Congrats to Melinda!


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