Spotlight Friday: Childhood memories

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I didn’t know what I should write about or look for today. I ended up on youtube watching videos about the different areas I grew up. One of them was from the Bavarian Forest. I lived in Regen and spent most of my teenager years there.

well I didn’t live in the woods, but we spent a lot of time in the woods with my family hiking through those woods or cross country skiing in the winter time.

This is the little Town where I lived for a few years, sorry it is in German.

I also lived in Munich for a long time once while growing up and then later when I was already working. Loved living there.

I had the privilege to spend a few years in Papua New Guinea in the late 70’s early 80’s

This is a video from the Coastal areas. My parents lived in the  Western Highlands while I went to boarding School in a little Town called Wau, which was about 420+ miles away from my family. I flew home about 4 times a year in a little one propeller machine.

This is a little insight about the Highlands


10 thoughts on “Spotlight Friday: Childhood memories

    1. Yes it was fun watching all those different videos with my kids and telling them stories about those places. And I was really blessed to see all those different places.


  1. Needful Things of Salem

    Wow! Your trip down Memory Lane is so long and full of adventure that you must be exhausted after this stroll. Do you find yourself missing the travel, or are you happy to stay in one place now? Because of health issues, I never got to see the world in the way I had hoped to. I think that if I look back on my life, it would be more of an introspective journey. So happy to share your tales, though!


    1. Well that is a good question. The last 7 years I have found myself very comfortable where I am at, I enjoy day trips or extended weekends. Before that I got the “moving” bug on a regular base. After my 25th move I stopped counting. I have seen many interesting places. But it is hard to always start all over again, find new friends and then have to leave them again. But I must say it is a very different life now, but I also like it.


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