What do bikes have in common with Jewelry?

You might think that they have nothing in common but Karen found a way to marry those two into beautiful jewelry.
She is just opened her shop in Zibbet and is sharing her treasures with you
I started out making jewelry for myself. Mostly because I couldn’t find any jewelry that I liked or I would see an earring and wanted it in a different color. So I would design and make that earring for myself the way I liked it.
When I was dating a mountain bike downhill racer (now my husband) I started making jewelry out of his race winning bicycle chain after he broke his chain.
(recycling it) People liked them so I made some for them too. Then I thought that chain would look cool with a gemstone on it. Then I started making bicycle chain jewelry with gemstones which sold out at the bike shows.
I learned from my grandmother to recreate something from items that are wasted. She would make Christmas ornaments out of things people throw away and they would sparkle just like store bought Christmas ornaments. I still have a few and enjoy them every Christmas on my own tree.
I have just started making BMX chain jewelry, the bike shops always cut off a bit of chain when they are fitting the chain to the bike for the customer and throw that small part of chain they cut off away.   So it’s new chain, I am (upcycling) the chain and making jewelry from it. BMX chain comes in many beautiful colors too. I also have just started making Motorcycle chain jewelry from my husband John’s Ducati M900s motorcycle.
I have sold a tiger eye gemstone and a Hematite gemstone motorcycle chain bracelet to two people who live in the US so far this year.
Because I love natural gemstones soooo much. I always try and find (not dyed) natural gems for my pieces. I have also been making gemstone jewelry with Swarovski crystals and sterling silver. Silver is so much easier to work with I love it. I am naturally creative and love designing making new jewelry designs.
 How did your store come to life?
I was watching Oprah and saw the founder of Etsy on so I thought hey I should have a online store on Etsy.
What/ who got you into creating?
I would say my Grandmother who taught me to make craft, I would help her at some of her craft shows and my husband John.
describe yourself with 5 words?
Biker, nature lover, naturally artistic
where do you see your shop/ items in the future?
I see my shop evolving into ever changing unique jewelry and crafts made from gemstones and a variety of different metals as I am inspired everyday to make new items.
Those are the places where you can find Karen online:
Thank you Karen for sharing your talent and your shop with us.
I have a friend who loves cycling, so I will share your links with her.

Thanks for your comments!

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