Spotlight Friday: patience

Boy this day took a turn. It started out quite ok.  We got up at a descent time, because we where going to sit our neighbors little munchkin.  We had fun until Mommy came back, then my two kiddos went with her because she had offered to watch mine while I had to go get some blood work done and get a shot. Shouldn’t take long, just a quick visit right?

Well I got there, to find out that my Doc had put in the wrong order. It got fixed, so I could go upstairs to get my blood drawn. I pull my number sit down and wait. I just heard a “I will be right with you sweety” Finally the Lady sticks her head around the corner and says “come on over lets sign you up. What are you here for?” I tell her what and she mumbles something in her beard…. “what doctor do you have?” I answer her and she says…” I don’t know how many times I have told Dr…. how to put this order in and he doesn’t want to listen…..’

“As you can see I am all by myself today covering front desk and the blood section and bringing it to the Lab.” the nurse told me as we make our way to the chairs. “well I had one girl working with me this morning but I sent her home after she said she didn’t want to work today.” Oh and there is only one person in the ,Lab too, so we are totally understaffed.”

And she went on about how she had her first Christmas off since 1990 something. And I had the question in my head  ‘why did she send the other person home knowing you didn’t have enough people?’ but I didn’t dare to ask

So on my way out I asked her how long did she think my blood work  would take? I was told before I got up there that I’d had to wait for the results to get further treatment, usually it takes no longer than an hour.

“well, it is not an emergency, and you know there is only one person working, so I really can’t tell you, you will have to wait.” was her answer.

‘oh, boy’ I better go ahead and text my friend, that it might be a little later after all that mix up and under staffing. Knowing that she wanted to leave right after I got home to see family before they fly back, to get there she’d need to drive 50 miles. I had hoped to be back before two. It was 12.00 a.m when I sent her the text. So I went back downstairs and signed back in. Sat down and waited, and waited and waited. The front desk Lady called upstairs a few times, went to lunch and came back and I was still there.

About that time it was a little after 2 pm. I asked if I could come back tomorrow, because I had the sitter waiting to leave. I’d hate to screw up her plans. “If you leave now, you have to start all over with your tests. That means first test, then wait 10 days, then second test and so on.” was her answer. “ok, is there a phone somewhere so I can call my sitter?”  Her answer  “well the cell doesn’t work in here, the signal is blocked (as if I hadn’t noticed yet), but I will let them know that you stepped outside to make a phone call. But don’t leave.” So I walked out to the front trying to get a signal, and off course I had to go outside and it was pouring. I got a hold of my friend, who was not very happy. (She is a “little” OCD and gets totally stressed out when things don’t work out as planned). Needless to say that in return stressed me out.

So I walked back in to keep on waiting. Of course I had not brought a book or anything else, because it was supposed to go quick, so I started “journaling” in my calender. Tried to ignore the angry growling and gurgling of my tummy. Nurses walked in an out to call other people to see the doctors. “you are still here” “you have been here a long time” etc where their comments. Suddenly, it was a bit after 3 pm a nurse called my name. “I just talked to the Doc and he said we could just do a urine test and then go from there, after I called the Lab several times and they are still not done. Do you have time for that?” ‘Do I have time for that????’ I was asking in my head ‘Lady I have been here for more than three hours, I love hanging out in your waiting room’ “Sure I do” was my answer “How long will this take?” “not long” was her answer. But as you can guess, this was not the day when things happen fast.

She brought me back into the office gave me the cup and said she will be back shortly and then you will be out of here in a spit.

uhm….no…. because I didn’t see her anymore. Therefore you heard a lot of mumbling and running around. About 30 min later I heard ” I think we are finally caught up” ahhh….hello…. I am still sitting here waiting, for a single shot!!!

I was finally at home around 4:20 pm to pick up my kids and apologize to my friend. I don’t think she will watch my kids anymore. I didn’t even dare to stop in the Pharmacy to pick up my meds , I will just make an extra trip tomorrow.  I had it planned out so nicely.

“Thank you for your patience and we are so sorry” where the words I heard when I left the office.

So now I thought, after I practiced so much patience the whole day, let’s see what I can find on  that fits that theme?

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Zen Japanese Coasters in Walnut Set of 6
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Patience – Is A Virtue! Primitive Bunny Shelf Sitter
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Aventurine & Iolite Meditation Set
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“Patience” Paper Giclee Print Fishing Boat Vessel by Carol Thompson
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A Lesson in Patience
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Zen Garden Meditation
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I had to get it off my chest today. It was a wobbly start into the New Year, but it will not stop me.

I also want to wish ALL OF YOU A MARVELOUS START INTO 2014!!!


12 thoughts on “Spotlight Friday: patience

    1. Stacy, usually I am through stuff like that pretty quick. We are retired military, so we go on Base into the Military Hospital. But geese was that frustrating. Glad I didn’t have my kids with me, they would of be making it even harder to wait.


  1. Sorry to hear that story – I carry a sudoku book and a pen in my bag for situations like that… but still, that is a LONG time to be shuffled around and set aside…

    As for your picks, great choices!


    1. usually I take some knitting with me. But they had told me before that it was a quick in and out no wait time. Well from now on I will take stuff anyway. Lesson learned.


  2. Jennifer

    It’s a shame that the services we pay so much money for are the ones that can also take all the time in the world to accomplish anything. I’ve decided nothing is worth getting upset over and I will just try to roll with the punches. Sounds like you did the same! Thank you for featuring my necklace in your blog. Some of the components of that necklace I carried around with me for a year looking for just the right combination of stones. I knew with patience that everything would come together. I hoped 2014 brings you much happiness!


    1. you are very welcome Jennifer. Some of my yarns wait around for a long time too to get worked into the right thing. And yes, I think rolling with the punches is less stressful than starting to fight against it, when you know it will not change anything but for the worst.


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