A Lady with many talents

Are you ready for some ArtsyCraftery?

Visit Sandi’s Shop and get inspired, I am pretty sure there is something for you in her wonderful shop.


Now grab your favorite cup of liquid and let’s see what Sandi is up to during her day and discover what she creates.

Where is your center of craft life? Where is your business?

My studio is in my home. I hope to move and have a room dedicated to my work.

How did your store come to life?
Around the year 2000, I became aware of the potential for me to sell online. I had been creating for much longer than that.
What is the story behind your Shop name, how did it get it and why?
I chose Artsy Craftery because I am not just an artist or just a crafter. Since I had difficulty pigeonholing myself, I chose a name that reflects that I am an artsy crafter and a crafty artist. In additional to creating crafted items, I am a mixed media artist. I also paint watercolors and acrylics, as a self-taught artist, using traditional art techniques.
What kind of material do you work with and why?
I use a variety of media and techniques. My first love is papercrafting and watercolor painting, but I also use beads, wire, fiber, glass,  clay and acrylics. Some of my fav techniques include altered art, mosaic, papier mache and stamping. I like image editing and provide graphic and other creative services.  I also enjoy desktop publishing and bookmaking.
 What/ who got you into creating?
I fell in love with art supplies in kindergarten. It was through 2 years of art classes in jr high where I first learned traditional art techniques. Since then I’ve been self-studying art and crafting techniques.
where do you find your inspiration?
Everywhere and through everything. I’m blessed with a nice library of craft and art books that I’ve gleaned from supermarket book bins, library sales, thrift stores, Edward R. Hamilton overstock/liquidation bookseller, Barnes & Noble bargain racks, etc. I love looking through my books. I like looking at Pinterest boards and Interweave and Stampington magazines like Cloth, Paper, Scissors and Somerset Studio.
what do you do when you get a crafting block?
I never have them. I have a continuous stream of ideas. The only problem that I encounter is when I try to rush myself to complete a project rather than allowing the project to move at its own speed. I also feel anxiety when I am beginning a project. I see the finished project already, in my minds eye, so I feel overwhelmed at the beginning. I don’t know how I’m going to get to the finished piece. When I calm down and focus on baby steps, the process just happens through me. My work creates itself. I just have to let go and let it happen, and not be aghast along the way. A work in progress can look terrible, but it almost always comes out right. It creates itself when I take a deep breath, have faith and put my hands to it. It rarely looks exactly like the original vision. It’s better.
how do you get the word out about your business?
I use regular social media, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and Google+. I participate in forums at my venues and occasionally may enter a contest. I also promote the work of others and I blog. I look for unusual or under-used places to promote myself, like Craigslist and online classifieds.
drescribe yourself with 5 words
Creative. Joyful. Adaptive. Communicative. Faith-filled.
where do you see your shop/ items in the future?
I see myself settled into a handful of online venues, selling specific lines of products and services that I’ve finally developed, and selling at the occasional artist market/street fair.

Wow that is a lot of different talents. Why don’t you check out all the places where Sandi can be found:


10 thoughts on “A Lady with many talents

  1. Thank you so much, Frauke. You did a wonderful job. May you receive a special blessing in return for all of the work that you put into these features. I look forward to learning more about what you do as well, and featuring you. Have a great Monday!


  2. Teresa

    Sandi is a friend and a fantastic artist! I own a few of her art pieces and I treasure them. Thanks for the great interview!


  3. Nancy

    Great interview & wonderful to learn more about you Sandi!! Your work is very artsy/crafty ~~lovely!! Good job Frauke!


      1. Thank you Normabrock and Nancy for your lovely comments. I am working on freeing up more time so that I can create more. The constant flow of ideas is a blessed curse! Maybe you know what I mean, lol.


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