Are you still cold?

While I was enjoying a nice warm and sunny day yesterday, I didn’t like hearing the news about the weather change that was going to happen today. Yes it will be below freezing again.

This is when hand knitted items come in handy. They make you feel nice warm and cozy.

Some of those items you can find in Aprils Zibbet Shop 




Where is your center of craft life?

My center is home in my living

room because that is where my grandmother used to knit and crochet

Where is your business?  I am located in Clockville, NY

What kind of material do you work with and why?  Acrylic yarn because it is easy to work with.

Why do you craft? To relax and I love creating things for others to enjoy.

How did you learn?  Well, my grandmother tried to teach me when I was young.  I thought that knitting and crochet were for “old people” so I never learned to do either.  One day, my husband and I were at a craft store and I came across the Knifty Knitter and taught myself.

What was the inspiration for your shops name?  I wanted it to encompass hats, scarves and everything warm and cozy, hence the name Knit Me Warm and Cozy.

What are your can’t-live-without craft-room essentials?  Yarn, yarn and more yarn.

 How would you describe your style?  Modern

Are there any crafters/artists/designers that you particularly look up to?  Not really, I think everyone that knits and crochets is an inspiration to others.

What do you do to make your work space an enriching and inspiring place to be?  I make sure it is cozy and welcoming.

What sorts of things are inspiring you right now? Where do you look for inspiration?                   I recently became a grandmother to a boy and a girl.  they are my inspiration.  In fact, I am working on an afghan for my grandson.  I am making it big enough so he can use it well past his toddler years and hopefully it will become an heirloom.

I look on the internet for inspiration.

When do you feel the most creative?  During the winter when it is too cold to be outside.

What are your future plans?  I hope to build a clientele here on Zibbet to be able to upgrade to a premiere account so I can offer customers more items.


Where to find me: 








So let us hope the cold days will be over soon and we can enjoy some warmer days again. Until may you have something to keep you warm and cozy, inside and out.




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