Let us take a trip to Melbourne, Australia

What are we going to do there, you might ask.

Australia is a wonderful country, I had the pleasure to live there for a 1/2 year. I was only 7 then, but still have many wonderful memories of that time.

Today though we will visit a Zibbet shop that is located in Melbourne.(if you click on it, just a little visual so you know where we are going to)

So who are we going to visit?

http://www.zibbet.com/ChinniAbhi is the shop address.

Where is your center of craft life? Where is your business?

ChinniAbhi: I am located in Melbourne, Australia.
I did start my journey in craft here in Melbourne. I do sell locally and internationally too.


What kind of material do you work with and why?
I use a variety of materials. From swarovski crystals, glass, clay, wooden beads to paper beads. I make gold toned, silver toned and even bronze toned earrings. And sometimes necklaces.
I am also into card making.
I always get fascinated as how any item can be used for jewelry making. Every time I discover a new type of material it just gives me an idea of creating absolutely new piece of jewelry with a new look.

Why do you craft? How did you learn?

ChinniAbhi : I am a full time working mother of a beautiful girl. Craft is a good mode of relaxation and a very good way of enjoyment too. I have always been interested in crafting but never got into it as much as I am now.
I got into jewelry making only a few years back. My dear friend/colleague did take me to a bead shop where she demonstrated how to make earrings for our selves. That’s how I really got introduced to jewelry making. I instantly fell in love with this art and have been following ever since.

What was the inspiration for your shops name?

ChinniAbhi : My daughter is the inspiration for my shop’s name. She too loves making jewelry and she has designed some really good ones!

What are your can’t-live-without craft-room essentials?
ChinniAbhi : Beads of course. I would have a tough time without them

How would you describe your style?
ChinniAbhi : I have my roots coming from India. Hence the influence of Indian culture can be seen in my designs. I would describe my designs to be a fusion between ethnic Indian look and modern trends.

Are there any crafters/artists/designers that you particularly look up to?
ChinniAbhi : I still feel I have just begun my journey so I am always looking up to all designers who make wonderful pieces of art!

What do you do to make your workspace an enriching and inspiring place to be?
ChinniAbhi : My work space is still small, but i ensure the same to be open and organized.

What sorts of things are inspiring you right now?
ChinniAbhi : Right now I am more interested in beading with seed beads , paper beads and paper bead jewelry .Recently i have started venturing into clay beads as well.

Where do you look for inspiration?
ChinniAbhi : I mostly do my research on Internet. A few magazines and even store fronts help to. I usually design my earrings first before I actually start making them Hence the design is triggered from various things i see in daily life.

When do you feel the most creative?
ChinniAbhi : Usually I keep working on my designs in my mind all day .I put my designs into action at next available time of the day

What are your future plans?
Chinniabhi : My plans for future is to make my hobby to be my full time activity. Am hoping to grow my own handmade business and hopefully my own website. Well these are my goals. .I just hope that I can achieve it.

These are the places where you can find her:

My fb page:https://www.facebook.com/TheChinniAbhi
My twitter link is : http://www.twitter.com/divvisafstudio
My blog :www.chinniabhi.wordpress.com


So how was that for a trip around the world?



5 thoughts on “Let us take a trip to Melbourne, Australia

  1. Oh ok, lol. FOUND IT! You work so hard to promote others. I hope things are going well for you and that sales are picking up. I have to work slowly because of my schedule. I’m also thinking more of the future as I plug away and looking for my business momentum to increase over time. I don’t worry too much about making sales today, but I know that they will increase, no matter what venue I’m at.


  2. yeah Sandi you found it!! Thank you, yes I do, because I believe in good karma. And I am plugging away too, slowly but steady, as I am recovering and while my family still takes 1st place at the moment. Nice of you come swing by and read the interview. I hope it was a nice little trip 🙂


    1. Yes it was, as usual. Can see that Indian influence in her beautiful work. Also enjoyed reading about her desire to work with different types of beads.


  3. Frauke,
    Thanks for your blog post about this wonderfully gifted artist. Your post was my impetus to purchase from this designer. I was able to get to “know” her, and form a connection. Add to that, her designs are affordable, and lovely! That brings me to my initial impetus, prompted by Sandi’s (artsy craftery) post to be someone’s first sale. I promised myself when I made my first sale, that I would buy from another Zibbet seller.
    Well, I completed that cycle, and it feels good! I just want to say…You ladies are awesome! Your tireless efforts to help promote shops, and Zibbet specifically are an inspiration to me, and reinforces my decision to stick with Zibbet! ‘Thanks again, and keep up the good work.






    1. Oh how wonderful of you Marie. And I am sure she will be pleased to have her first! Thank you for your compliment. I am pretty sure Zibbet will be know at some point, it will just take a little work from all of us to get the momentum going. I might of started out small with my Spotlights and only had a few followers, but my numbers show me that there is more interest and traffic. It is inspiring to me to be on a website that is only getting started and to see it grow. Yes it has it’s hick ups, but no big company was big from the beginning, they all started small. So sometimes there will be more patience needed than other times. But I am happy and comfortable with Zibbet and excited to see what else is going to come. Have a wonderful day!


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