I have mice on my brain

I still have not quite figured out what to do for my next Giveaway game. But I have a few ideas, will have to sleep on it a few more times.

In the mean time I got into making mice again. I know it has been a very long time. I didn’t feel like making mice anymore, thought nobody would like them. We had enough mice here in the house already. Our kitty likes playing with them, throwing them in the air and catching them. Even if we hide them he tends to find them.

But the other day a friend of mine asked me if I could make her one. She was going into surgery.

So I made her this one. Packed it up and sent it off to her. castShe sounded so happy when she called me that she had gotten the mouse.

So I was going through my stuff to see if I had anything left to make more mice. Just a few eyes left and a little bit of grey yarn.

A few days later I had a envelope in my mailbox with grey yarn leftovers. Thank you, what a super nice surprise!

So I started knitting. First I made this guy. IMG_1809Then I suddenly had another idea.

And it started out with this. A Styrofoam ring covered with knitted yarn.

IMG_1728How about I make a wreath with us as a family on it. The Daddy Mouse, Mama Mouse and two kid mice.

What should they just sit on the wreath?

No. But what could they do?

So I went searching through my stuff again, and found a fishing pole and a bucket and some fish that I had ordered a long time ago for a mouse project that I never finished.

Yes, hubby likes fishing. So then the idea was born. Every mouse will have something in their hands that they like doing most.


This was the product so far last night. Hubby with his fishing pole and a bucket. Me doing a Yoga pose, still waiting for my basket full of yarn.


This afternoon I added another mouse, one of my kids. She decided she wanted a ice cream cone. My other kid is in Track and she will have a running shoe and a fancy shoe in her hand. All those items are ordered to be made out of clay. So I will have to wait until they come in and then will be added to the mice.

I started the last mouse this afternoon, but got distracted by life. Might get her done tonight.

I am still thinking about it, if I should add a sign with our name or just leave it as is.

Is there anything you would add?





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