I would like to share my Birthday with you

Yes, I am getting a year older in about 1 week.  Numbers are not important for me, but I like sharing. So I thought I would share this fun bracelet , that I made a little while ago, with one lucky person.


It is knotted with a pink and a purple nylon cord, it has Swarovski hearts, a HandmadeFuzzy bead, and pink and light green/ blue beads. It closes with a lobster clasp.

You will have to answer a few questions.

I promise they will not be to hard.

You can always go to my zibbet shop @ http://www.zibbet.com/handmadefuzzy to see if you find some hints there!

When was my HandmadeFuzzy shop opened on Zibbet? 

a) April 2nd 2011

b) September 9th 2010

c) January 3rd 2003

What is the latest craft that I picked up? 

a) sewing

b) polymer clay

c) macrame

What color is my banner in my shop?

a) red

b) purple

c) green

Please leave your answers in the comment section of this blog. The little speech bubble under the text will get you there.

This ends on April 13th at 12 pm EST.

The winner will be announced on April 14th on this blog.



9 thoughts on “I would like to share my Birthday with you

  1. Thank you Thunderrose. My Birthday is next week, but I thank you for the wishes 🙂 I love purple too, so there was no question about sharing it with you all.


  2. Since I have been online with you for some time – I think I know these answers….
    1. b) September 9th 2010
    2. c) macrame
    3. b) purple

    Happy Birthday!! You are such a gem!


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