Spotlight Friday: weather

The weather is pretty grey in grey here the last few days. It is very hot and sticky. My daughters field trip got canceled on Wednesday do to the Storm front that was rolling over the southern states the last few days, the School decided to postpone. They didn’t want the bus on the road with looming Tornado threats.

It is funny how we as people are. When it is hot and sticky we long for some cooler days. If it is cold and freezing outside we want the sun to come around quickly. Weather is fascinating and powerful, sometimes really scary.

When those thunderstorms roll through here I usually feel  very small and a little frightened. I know I might be a little weird, but I unplug everything when a Thunderstorm rolls in, stay away from the windows. I have a lot of respect when this kind of weather is here.  My neighbors just smiled at me when I told them what I do.

While living in Germany I once had a lightning hit the house and the electricity came out of one socket went through my living room into another socket. That was loud and scary and for a second I just stood there dumb struck. Then thinking, ” wow, I am glad I was not standing there”.

I am happy that it is going to rain, like that I don’t have to water my garden and my rain barrels will fill up again. My plants will be a little bit taller after the good drink and hopefully my seeds that I had put out a little while ago will start to grow.

I love the smell in the air after a good drench and I am always on the look out for a rainbow, for me they are like  miracles.

I remember when living in Papua New Guinea, in the rainy season we loved going outside and dance in the rain and go play in the drenches that filled up in seconds. Or what we loved doing most was belly slide down the hill. Boy where we dirty after that, but it was just too much fun.

So let me go over to and see what I can find that is tagged with “weather”


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What is your favorite kind of weather?


2 thoughts on “Spotlight Friday: weather

  1. I love warm weather and a slight breeze. By warm I mean anything between 60 and 78 degrees, hotter than that and I’m not comfortable. I know what you mean about thunderstorms, I don’t like them either. House was hit years ago by lightning, blew up TV’s and a hole in the roof where an antennae was attached. Scary, insurance estimator told me I was lucky the electricity was off or I might not be here…
    Have a great weekend!


  2. Thanks Gail, have a happy weekend too! That is a scary experience to have your TV blow up and get a hole in the roof. Glad you where ok. We are going into the 90 degrees this weekend. It is nice and cool and a little breeze at the moment.


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