Spotlight Friday: snail mail

This weeks Spotlight got inspired by my youngest.

We where getting the mail from our mail box. I pulled everything out and looked through to see what came in.

“nothing for me?” she asked. “nope, sorry not today.”

“nobody ever writes me” was her respond. “Well if you don’t write anybody, I don’t think you will get any mail back.” “hm, who could I write?”

So I started a search, where could I find pen pals for my little one. I remember finding my pen pals in the back of a magazine. I had one in Canada and one in Greece.

I loved hearing about other countries and how my pals lived their life.

Nowadays it isn’t that easy to find a pen pal. Yes there is tons of pages for grown ups but not so much for kids. I found two that where promising, but both wanted a fee if you where looking for snail mail friends. Email was for free. So I started to ask my friends on FB, got a few responds back, but nothing yet.

Then I just searched pen pals for kids on FB and found a few groups. I joined some and waited. I got a personal message from someone in Australia. So now my kiddo is sitting in the living room and writing her first letter to someone she doesn’t know. I am excited to see where this will go from here.

Can you guess what I was looking for on


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Do you still write letters? Do you still get letters in your mail box?

I do, here and there, I should write more again.

I love getting letters in my mail. That friend took  a few minutes out of their day to sit down and just think about me and drop me a few lines.

What do you need to sit down and write a letter? A cup of coffee, some tea?



One thought on “Spotlight Friday: snail mail

  1. How cool, Frauke. I love designing cards for that special handwritten note … thanks for the beautiful post. I have a couple of letters to catch up on. Love the reminder.



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