Spotlight Friday: Bats

Last week I lost my drive, I still didn’t quite get it all back. That is why there was no Spotlight last week.

A few days ago I watched  Urban Jungle with my kids and there was a sequence about bats. And that reminded me of a night in Papua New Guinea, where I grew up.

One night, I was at a home visit from Boarding School , Katherine Lehman School in Wau.

My brother and I shared a room in the back corner of our house.



IMG_2810This is my little sister with her and my brothers friends.


We lived in Tiripini , to small to be on a map, in the Southern Highlands. At around 6 pm it was like someone turned the light off and everything got dark. We only had electricity from our generator from 6 – 10 pm. After that it was find your way to the bathroom in the dark if you don’t find your flash light.

We where laying in our bunk beds and then suddenly heard a noise that startled us. What was this? There it was again.

It sounded like a bed sheet flattering  in the wind.

It was scary and intriguing at the same time. So guess what we did. I was about 9 and my brother 6 or 7 years old.  We grabbed our lights and snuck out of the house to find out what was making this noise.

We tip toed around the building, not knowing what we will find. There it was again this funny noise, right next to us.

We where close to our Guava trees in the back yard and now there was more of those flying blanket noises.

Our little flash lights didn’t give off a lot of light so we started to get scared, mind you it was pitch black and in the Jungle you have a lot of weird noises at night.

But suddenly we saw them, eating away on our yummy Guavas.

There they where flying foxes, they where HUGE. And they are eating our fruits we loved so much.

We ran back into hour bedroom and pulled the covers over our heads.

A little later we got to see some in day light and they didn’t look so scary anymore.

So let’s go find some bats on 

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
8 Inch Flying Fox Bat Vinyl Wall Decal by WilsonGraphics

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Bat’s Blood oil by honoringmotherearth

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Bat Plush – vampire bat by TheHunnyBunnyCompany

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8 x 10 Bats Night Tree Green Art Print Wall Decor Modern Minimalist Landscape
by CustomArtPrints

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Pet ID Tag by ebonypaws

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Gothic Bat Wing Purse by ApocalypsePirateFashions

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Sun Catcher “EEK BATS !”
by DancingRainbows

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Carved Boxwood Ojime Bat – Netsuke – Totem
by AnnikasAtelier

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Decorative tile – Bat God
by michaelgoard

I didn’t think I would find that many Bat items on Zibbet. Which one is your favorite or did you find even more?


6 thoughts on “Spotlight Friday: Bats

  1. Several years ago my husband and I took a trip to Australia to visit his family. While there we spent a week in Cairns. Had a wonderful time btw. 🙂 Anyway…while walking down the street one night I keep seeing what I thought was bird poop all over the sidewalk and cars parked on the road. I thought it was from the parrots. Wrong! As we walked under a tree I look up and it was full of bats! Just hanging they looked to be the size of a very large house cat. Freaked me out! When they take flight their wing span was as long as a car. They were huge! That was the first time for me to ever see a bat up close. Late in the evening all those bats would fly over to the other side of the inlet to eat. It was an amazing thing to see, nothing but a steady stream of bats. There must have been a million of them!!


    1. That was a great story and thank you for featuring my EEK BATS sun catcher!!
      Years ago we were on a houseboat at Lake Powell, sleeping up top. We started hearing a squeeky noise. All of a sudden, we heard blood curdling screams coming from down below inside the boat, from all the girls.
      The bats flown in the open doors and had decided to hang on the curtains inside like it was a cave.
      It was the funniest thing we had ever seen and still laugh to this day!!


  2. Amazing, how those big things can fly and hardly make any noise. I can imagine how that freaked you out. I nearly peed my pants when I saw them and then it was in the middle of the night. Happy to hear you had a nice time in Australia. I have a lot of fond memories being there.


  3. I remember seeing bats when we were kids. They came out around dusk. You found some nice items . It is that time of year. Seeing more and more Halloween items.
    Great post Frauke! Have a great Labor Day weekend.


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