Spotlight Friday: October 3rd

I don’t know how many of you know that October 3rd is a Holiday in Germany since 1990.

Here you can read from Wikipedia ( about why this date was chosen.

The Day of German Unity (German: Tag der Deutschen Einheit) is the national day of Germany, celebrated on 3 October as a public holiday. It commemorates the anniversary of German reunification in 1990, when the goal of a unity of Germany that originated in the middle of the 19th century, was fulfilled. Therefore, the name addresses neither the re-union or union, but the unity of Germany. The Day of German Unity on 3 October has been a German national holiday since the reunification in 1990, when the German reunification was brought out in full force. 3 October is a legal holiday of the Federal Republic of Germany.

An alternative choice to commemorate the reunification could have been the day the Berlin Wall came down—9 November 1989, which coincided with the anniversary of the proclamation of the German Republic in 1918 and the defeat of Hitler’s first coup in 1923. However, 9 November was also the anniversary of the first large-scale Nazi-led pogroms against Jews in 1938 (Kristallnacht), so the day was considered inappropriate as a national holiday. (See November 9 in German history.) Therefore, 3 October 1990, the day of formal reunification, was chosen instead and replaced the “Day of German Unity” on 17 June, the national holiday of West Germany.

Even though I have been living in the US now for a little over 11 years. I seem to always think about this day when October comes. I was 19 when the wall came down. We had relatives in the East that we regularly visited. To me as a kid it was very depressing. Knowing that at the boarder your car will get checked and sometimes totally taken apart, just so you don’t bring anything in. Knowing that that strip of sand next to the fence is a very dangerous area. Do not deviate from your route, you will not believe how quick you would of been surrounded by police. But it was always fun to hang out with our distance cousins and just be kids.

I have seen the wall from the West side in Berlin, when it was still up. I never got the chance to see it down. There is a piece of that wall in the town where we lived last in Germany.  It was weird to see it there.

While searching on Zibbet for “united” I found a lot for United States, but that was not what I was looking for, so I widened the search to “together”, and this is what I found:


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We Go Together Like PB & J!
by BottledUpCreations

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Together is a Wonderful Place to be Vinyl Wall Art
by designstudiosigns

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‘simply together’ Valetines greeting card by AbstractDesigns

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Best Wishes for a Wonderful Life Together – Wedding Gift/Wish Tree Tags
by IndelibleImpressions

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hand stamped puzzle key chains, personalized gifts, together forever, wedding gift
by natashaaloha

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8.5″ “Reaching Together” Porcelain plate SU ETEM 1982 Collectors Item
by Yesterdayoncemore

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Winnie The Pooh Quote Friendship In A Pendant Necklace If There Comes A Day When We Cant be Together
by TheSmileEmporium

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Soapstone Sculpture,Carving, Gray/green Color With Alabaster Heads,” Together” Original,Hand made,Modern Abstract,Signed,Dated, By Artist.
by SaGart

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by functionasone


“things we can’t do by ourselves we can do together” Xavier Naidoo


Do you know who is behind Stormy Designs?

The first time I got introduced to the rubber bands bracelets was about two years ago through my kids. They brought them home from School and soon began making their own.

Gail takes these bands to a whole new level, she does stunning work. But see for yourself.

Where is your center of craft life?
I work from my basement apartment in a town in central Virginia.
What kind of material do you work with and why?
I currently work with my rainbow looms and bands. I like the rainbow loom because it’s portable. I can throw my looms & boxes of bands in my tote bag when I go to either of my daughter’s house to visit.
Why do you craft? 
I have crafted all of my life, I’ve beaded, painted, done woodwork, and worked with polymer clay, to name a few. I just have to have a project that I’m working on or I feel out of sorts.
How did you learn?
I learned how to use the rainbow loom by watching videos online, there’s loads of tutorials to choose from. I’ve gone on to the more advanced tutorials and I’m having fun learning new things.
What was the inspiration for your shops name?
I’ve had that shop name for years at other venues. It’s based on my nickname, Stormy.
What are your can’t-live-without craft-room essentials?
My looms and bands, I have to have them. If I see new colors of bands, I order them. There are so many pretty colors, like the metallics and Persians and medieval.
How would you describe your style?
My style is sort of modern funky I guess with a little country thrown in. I have always marched to the beat of a different drummer, as my Home Ec teacher in high school once told me, so it’s hard to actually pin down a
certain style
Are there any crafters/artists/designers that you particularly look up to?
There are a few on You Tube that I follow that are really good, Yarn Journey is my current favorite.
What do you do to make your workspace an enriching and inspiring place to be?
I live in a small basement apartment and can’t decorate much, but my boxes of bands are sitting on my worktable, right in reach at all times.
What sorts of things are inspiring you right now?
I’ve been thinking of the holidays and found some cute buttons to incorporate into my bracelets.
Where do you look for inspiration? 
I get inspired by nature, by colors of beads & buttons and such.
When do you feel the most creative?
I never know when the need to create will hit me, but I usually spend my evenings and weekends crafting.
Thank you, Gail, for sharing a little bit of your crafting life with us.

Spotlight Friday: Mornings

This week my hubby has early shift again. That means I get my sleep interrupted around 2:30 am from his alarm. I wake up briefly when he leaves the house an hour later, sometimes it takes me 30 min to fall back to sleep, a restless uneasy sleep because I know my night will be over shortly.

Then 3 hours later my alarm goes off. Time to get up and wake the kids and get them ready for School. I wish I could just turn over one more time and finish up my dream. Off I go, can’t stay in bed forever. My oldest is pretty good in getting out of bed and beginning her routine, I don’t really have to say anything, besides to check if she had opened her curtains and made her bed. With my youngest though it is a whole different story. She is definitely not a morning person and she drags everything out. Needs some extra hugs and cuddles. Brushes her hair half way, doesn’t mind if her shirt is inside out or if she is wearing two different socks.

I have learned that getting pushy doesn’t get anything done. She has her own way, and I had to accept it. We have our way to communicate during those wee hours now and it works.

It doesn’t help that it is still dark when we get up and the last few days it also has been very foggy, so nothing to really lift our moods and want to go out and greet the day.

Usually 45 min we are all ready at the door, to leave and get dropped off at the different Schools. Well, I come back home to do about 45 min of Yoga and then get to enjoy my breakfast and a cup of tea before I start my day, with what ever needs to be done.

The fog is hanging really low today and is creating a very interesting mood outside.

So what is your morning routine?

On Zibbet is was looking for everything that was tagged with “morning”:


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Windowscape Italy Series – Tuscan Morning Wall Decal
by WilsonGraphics

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1946 Morning School Winter Vintage Print And Verse From Japan
by SurrenderDorothy

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The Morning After- fine art print
by FireSpiritDesigns

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The Morning Room Cross Stitch Pattern
by DreamsOfAvalon

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Coffee Macadamia Nut and Cream Flavored Coffee 8 ounces Whole Bean or Ground free
by teaman

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A dew covered spider web glistens silently in the stillness of the early morning forest, 11 x 14 photographic print
by DavidPerezPhotography

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recycled silverware vintage silverware hand stamped Good Morning Beautiful spoon
by BellaJacksonStudios

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Good morning Dangle metal earrings time Bronze clock steampunk goth charm modern boho contemporary eco friendly vintage retro mum
by artemisartdesign

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Rise and Shine iPad Sleeve
by WanderingStars


I hope your morning was nothing like this!  Enjoy your Friday.

Spotlight Friday: singing

There is always music playing in our house. At least one room has the radio turned on and you can hear someone singing.

After my kids are in School, I usually turn my German radio station on while I am doing some cleaning or working on my promoting.  During homework time the radio plays too, I think doing homework with music helps. At least it did me when I was still in School. I always had the music on. Only for studying I had to turn it off. While I was doing homework I was mostly humming while solving math problems, I don’t know why or how, but it made it easier for me. I wouldn’t get stuck so easily.

I didn’t turn the music on while my kids started doing homework, they asked if they could. So we had some rules. If someone has to study for a test, then all music and noise is off. Now I hear my little one humming away while doing homework. It seams to go more fluently and quicker when the music is on, otherwise this kid is all over the place and get’s nothing done in a descent time.

My older one pops her ear buds in and gets to work. Here and there you can hear some singing.

When she got into Middle School, her music teacher asked her if she would like to change over to Chorus because she would sing so well.  She was so happy after she changed over.  Last year there was a change in her voice and she changed from soprano to alto because she didn’t feel comfortable singing anymore.  The other day I met her Chorus teacher and she told me that my kids voice has so matured over the summer, she is back in soprano and she would love for her to try out for the All State Choir. We will see if she will, she is a little shy and said, “that would cost you extra money again and you have already paid so much for my School stuff”

A few weeks ago we watched some kids videos, one was about a Trip to North Carolina, It was too funny to listen to my oldest sitting in the back seat singing to Martina McBride

She must of been just in Kindergarten or so.

But we are a family with music in our hearts, someone is either whistling, humming or singing. In the car we often sing together and sometimes get funny looks.

And the fun thing is we listen to all sorts of music, classic,musicals, heavy metal, rock, pop, bag pipes …..there is nothing we don’t at least listen to once, and sometimes we hit the repeat button for a few times.


Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Hand stamped copper bracelet by Katy Trail Keepsakes

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet

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Vintage Polish Girl Singing Kerchief Christmas Tree Decoration Gourd bytrishna

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Skeleton Zombie Lead Singer Metal Sculpture by zedszombieranch

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Art — BABY, COME TO ME Fine Art Giclee Print by MoxyFoxDesigns

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Sheet Music 12 Vintage pieces to use in projects recycle repurpose enjoy by ShopWithLynne

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Original Art ACEO – The Christmas Carolers by MsPatricia

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singing bird pendant by dragonsspark

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Lida’s First Sing-Along – ORIGINAL Anthropomorphic Watercolor Collage Fairy Tale Art by GerushiasNewWorld

If you sing in your shower, in your car. If you dance while singing or just tap your feet. I think music can make you feel better, be comforting or lets you express your mood.

I wish you a day filled with wonderful music!

Spotlight Friday: Friends

This Labor Day weekend it hit me like a ton of bricks. I am blessed with some very great friends.  In all kinds of different places. You don’t have to talk every day, you don’t have to see each other on a regular base. You see or hear each other after a while and pick up right where you left off. That is such a wonderful feeling, to know you can trust this person with anything, be totally yourself and don’t have to worry about what the other person is thinking about you, because you know she loves/ likes you just the way you are.

As a teenager I sometimes had this thought pop in my mind ” I don’t have many friends”. But at that time I didn’t know that it’s not the quantity it’s the quality that counts.  And that you have to work at your relationships to keep them alive, not wait for the other person to take the first step.

While I am sitting here thinking, I must say I am grateful for all the people that crossed my path. Sometimes just for a short period, sometimes we lost sight of each other and then found each other again. At times it was a hard lesson to loose a good friend and not understand at first why. But people come in and out of your life, share a little path with you and then move on.  I am one of those people who don’t go into a friendship very easily. I will watch and see for a while, once I made that step into a friendship I am all in and I guess that is the reason why I get hurt bad if this relationship comes   to an end. I have lost a friendship just recently and it took me a while to get over it, I was grieving. I still don’t understand why I was dropped and not talked to anymore . I tried to have a conversation about it, but she didn’t think that our friendship was broken, she said “we are still good friends, just with busy lives”, but never returned my calls or messages. That’s when I had to decide to end this.

I guess what I am trying to say is, cherish your friends and enjoy every minute with them, but be honest about when you are ready to head into a different direction. There is nothing wrong with going a different route, it is after all your life. But don’t just leave other people in the dark and waiting, they need to be moving on too.

I wish I could just hug some of my friends more often and let them know I am thinking about them, some of them are just too far away. But I think I might just pick up a pen more often and send them a little note.

And these are the items I found on Zibbet about friendship


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Magnet – True friendship by AngelicAspirations

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long distance friendship bracelet by PurplePelicanDesigns

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Amish Friendship Bread
by chewyscandleco

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Friendship Note Cards by luvncrafts

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True Friends Note Card set by texaseagle

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Gift for Best Friends, Long Distance by Printsinspired

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Message in a bottle Necklaces by YssormDesigns

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Typography Art – friend definition by snewberrydesigns

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Friendship Pendant, Chinese Symbol Art Pendant by snowdrop88

there was some very interesting pieces there on Zibbet.