Spotlight Friday: singing

There is always music playing in our house. At least one room has the radio turned on and you can hear someone singing.

After my kids are in School, I usually turn my German radio station on while I am doing some cleaning or working on my promoting.  During homework time the radio plays too, I think doing homework with music helps. At least it did me when I was still in School. I always had the music on. Only for studying I had to turn it off. While I was doing homework I was mostly humming while solving math problems, I don’t know why or how, but it made it easier for me. I wouldn’t get stuck so easily.

I didn’t turn the music on while my kids started doing homework, they asked if they could. So we had some rules. If someone has to study for a test, then all music and noise is off. Now I hear my little one humming away while doing homework. It seams to go more fluently and quicker when the music is on, otherwise this kid is all over the place and get’s nothing done in a descent time.

My older one pops her ear buds in and gets to work. Here and there you can hear some singing.

When she got into Middle School, her music teacher asked her if she would like to change over to Chorus because she would sing so well.  She was so happy after she changed over.  Last year there was a change in her voice and she changed from soprano to alto because she didn’t feel comfortable singing anymore.  The other day I met her Chorus teacher and she told me that my kids voice has so matured over the summer, she is back in soprano and she would love for her to try out for the All State Choir. We will see if she will, she is a little shy and said, “that would cost you extra money again and you have already paid so much for my School stuff”

A few weeks ago we watched some kids videos, one was about a Trip to North Carolina, It was too funny to listen to my oldest sitting in the back seat singing to Martina McBride

She must of been just in Kindergarten or so.

But we are a family with music in our hearts, someone is either whistling, humming or singing. In the car we often sing together and sometimes get funny looks.

And the fun thing is we listen to all sorts of music, classic,musicals, heavy metal, rock, pop, bag pipes …..there is nothing we don’t at least listen to once, and sometimes we hit the repeat button for a few times.


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If you sing in your shower, in your car. If you dance while singing or just tap your feet. I think music can make you feel better, be comforting or lets you express your mood.

I wish you a day filled with wonderful music!


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