Spotlight Friday: Mornings

This week my hubby has early shift again. That means I get my sleep interrupted around 2:30 am from his alarm. I wake up briefly when he leaves the house an hour later, sometimes it takes me 30 min to fall back to sleep, a restless uneasy sleep because I know my night will be over shortly.

Then 3 hours later my alarm goes off. Time to get up and wake the kids and get them ready for School. I wish I could just turn over one more time and finish up my dream. Off I go, can’t stay in bed forever. My oldest is pretty good in getting out of bed and beginning her routine, I don’t really have to say anything, besides to check if she had opened her curtains and made her bed. With my youngest though it is a whole different story. She is definitely not a morning person and she drags everything out. Needs some extra hugs and cuddles. Brushes her hair half way, doesn’t mind if her shirt is inside out or if she is wearing two different socks.

I have learned that getting pushy doesn’t get anything done. She has her own way, and I had to accept it. We have our way to communicate during those wee hours now and it works.

It doesn’t help that it is still dark when we get up and the last few days it also has been very foggy, so nothing to really lift our moods and want to go out and greet the day.

Usually 45 min we are all ready at the door, to leave and get dropped off at the different Schools. Well, I come back home to do about 45 min of Yoga and then get to enjoy my breakfast and a cup of tea before I start my day, with what ever needs to be done.

The fog is hanging really low today and is creating a very interesting mood outside.

So what is your morning routine?

On Zibbet is was looking for everything that was tagged with “morning”:


Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Windowscape Italy Series – Tuscan Morning Wall Decal
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1946 Morning School Winter Vintage Print And Verse From Japan
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The Morning Room Cross Stitch Pattern
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Coffee Macadamia Nut and Cream Flavored Coffee 8 ounces Whole Bean or Ground free
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A dew covered spider web glistens silently in the stillness of the early morning forest, 11 x 14 photographic print
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recycled silverware vintage silverware hand stamped Good Morning Beautiful spoon
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Good morning Dangle metal earrings time Bronze clock steampunk goth charm modern boho contemporary eco friendly vintage retro mum
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Rise and Shine iPad Sleeve
by WanderingStars


I hope your morning was nothing like this!  Enjoy your Friday.


6 thoughts on “Spotlight Friday: Mornings

  1. that meerkat made me smile!! Feeling just the way he/she is this morning. The older I get, the harder it gets to get out so early in the Morning. Specially now when it is dark again. Have a wonderful weekend Cat and enjoy your kitties.


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