Spotlight Friday: cozies

I know it might sound weird, but I got a phone call from a good friend a few days ago. If I could make her a cover for a cpap machine hose. First I was a little puzzled why. My hubby sleeps like Darth Vader next to me every night too, but I couldn’t figure out why I would put a cozy on the hose. Then she explained that they have a wooden lip around their bed and the hose gets caught and scratches up the wood and makes a lot of noise. They looked at the supplies on the net and agreed, they needed something different. The one they saw online had a zipper. Guess what that will do to your hubbies  chest hair while sleeping…..ouch.

Yes, it does make a lot of noise when it gets pulled over the side of the bed, I have to agree with her on that. You make those Stethoscope covers for me, remember!

And it fits over the hose, it’s just not long enough. So I started to figure out how long this cozy would have to be and how much yarn I would need. Yarn is now ordered and I can’t wait to help out a friend and get started on this project.

So I was wondering what else do people have cozies for? So let’s go find out.

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Blue Rose wee tea cozy by CreativeMiscellany

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Soft Pink Stick Shift Cozy – Gear Shift Warmer
by RaigeCreations

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Water or Soda Bottle Cozy by MKDesigner

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French Press Coffee Cover
by VermontHomespun

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Owls lip balm pouch
by MadeByMara

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Egg Cosy’s set of Three by Silverstow

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Owl Cell Phone Case by YarnedTogether

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Brush Roll – Waterlilies and dots in Cherry by punchanella

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Tea bag wallet travel tote teabag shaped caddy by GingerBreadSurprise

What is your favorite cozy?

Or what do you think is the weirdest cozy you have ever seen?


Spotlight Friday: Family tree

I have been caring this idea in my head for a while now.  A family tree. Years ago,long before I even got married, my brother gave me a family from our family, it dates back to the 1700. I like sharing stories from my Grandparents with my kids. I only have a few pictures from them. On my husbands side it is even less. He has a big family and a lot of times he doesn’t even know who belongs to who.

I think it is important to know where you are coming from to go somewhere.  So over a few months this idea about a tree has been emerging.

Our hallway is in dire need of a paint job. And this wall has only been used in the summer times for a big summer schedule or a picture that my kids drew her and there.  All this wall space.

So I was thinking, let us draw a big tree on this wall, have my two kids be on the trunk, with their pictures and then we will spread out from there and see how far we can go back,  and how many pictures or stories we can dig up.

Something similar to this, just with photographs in frames.

And if we can’t find a picture we will frame the name birth date and their story.

So today I dug through our paint cans to see if we have enough primer to get this wall white and then get started on the tree.

Stuff like this is exciting for me, first of all it is a project we are all doing together, we are learning something about where our roots are and how they lived in those different times and continents.

I am hoping to share the progress with you here. I found some masking tape too, so I am pretty sure we could be starting within the next few days.

To get a few more ideas I went family tree and family hunting on Zibbet


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Scrabble frame for your Family Tree
by CrystalWeddingBoutique

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Family Reunion party finger print thumbprint tree Birch PDF by artbyevelynmarie

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Extra Large Personalized Brass Family Tree Necklace by loveitpersonalized

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Family Tree Dish by thebrickkiln

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Genealogy Research For Your Family Tree – Ancestry by VintageAnne

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Family Vinyl Wall Decal Like Branches on a Tree 22164 by CuttinUpCustomDieCuts

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Family Tree Floating Locket Keychain
by lololuv

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Personalized Geneology Tree, Family Tree by invitingmoments

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Pendant, Japanese family crest depicting the pine tree (matsu) by thesilkaddict

We do have a book where I started to write down the family history. But it’s always tucked away. I am hoping this project will spark a lot of fun and interesting conversations.  I am counting on our extended family that they will be able to dig up some photos and some old stories.

How do you keep your family history alive?

Spotlight Friday: Hair

Finding the right stuff for my girls hair has been a very long journey. And I believe it is still not over. I have very thick wavy hair, and lots of it. So for me it was never a big issue to take care of it. I never gave it a second thought.

But wait a minute, what did I get myself into? After my oldest turned 2 I had a problem, and I didn’t know how to solve it. My kids are biracial and they both have beautiful hair, when you know how to take care of it.  Still living in Germany at that time I had no idea who to ask for help. At that time you couldn’t just “google” something. So what to do?

Sometimes my little girl left the house looking something like this !!!!


My husbands family was not available for me at that time, so I had to try myself.  There was some things that I found to make her hair easier to comb, but there was so many Chemicals in it.

So the first few years, she had to suffer through funny hairstyles and countless hours of hair pulling, because of the kinks.

Once we moved to the US it got a little bit easier to find stuff for African American hair. Which was still not the right stuff because it was too heavy for her hair.

Then one day I stumbled over a blog, she was writing about a book she was just publishing. And yes she was the one that finally got me on the right path.

For the longest time that was my only help I could find. A few years down the road there was a few more popping up writing about how to take care of biracial hair without the Chemicals.  And you could also find a few items in the shops.

We still had to figure out what was best for each of my girls.  Brush or just come? Wet or dry? Shampoo or no shampoo, which conditioner…. and so on…

I found another two books that helped out tremendously.

So I found out that my older one has a type 3C and my younger one a 3A  .

We now , after more than 13 years finally have a routine that works for both.  Get in the shower with conditioner and brush, get your hair wet and then put a big amount of conditioner in your hair and start brushing. Like that the hair will not break and it is very easy to get the kinks out, that formed over night if they didn’t braid their hair proper. (That’s a whole different story to tell,;))

After getting out of the shower, squeeze hair dry and add curl enhancing smoothie and them some curling gel (the stuff we use is nearly all natural). No more brushing, just styling other wise you will have a super frizz in a few hours.

But that means wet hair when you walk out of the house in the morning. Not an issue if it is warm outside. So our non shower procedure comes in form of a spritz bottle. Spray your hair with water, sometimes I add some Essential oils to the water and then start brushing in sections, takes a little longer than in the shower. But like that my girls don’t have soaking wet hair going to School.

Last night I stumbled over an FB post that lead me to this blog

So now I am debating to make my girls hair gel. I guess I will have to do some more digging. Basically my girls use three things for their hair, a conditioner, a moisturizer and the gel. Let’s see if we can get it more green.

Do you have any tips?

So guess where this led me too? Yes, searching for hair stuff on Zibbet

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Geek Wall Art Of Hairspray lyrics I can hear the bells hair Musical by GeekSleekSheek

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Hair Caddy by TwinMtnCollections

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Human hair fringe collar by Metamorph

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Hair Accessories, Hair Barrette, Hair Bow, Barrette, Hair Pin, Hair Stick, Wedding Hair, Hair Slide, Wooden Shawl Pin,Hair Comb,Wood Carving
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Ayurvedic shampoo solid bar “Long hair” with Geranium, Thyme & Grapefruit essential oils. by GreenCharm

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IDIGITAL Scan Long haired woman PEARLS headdress Cherries Renaissance Antique French postcard photo download by FrenchKissed

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Rainbow Hair Pins Set of Six by LeelaBijou

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Unique Hair Band Handmade Accessories
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Hair Balm Pomade with Rosemary, 2oz
by winterskin

For the longest time we could talk them out of wanting to flat iron their hair. But now the questions are starting up again.

So any tips are welcome. I never flat ironed my hair so I have no idea what I need to pay attention to.

Spotlight Friday: feathered friends

Some of you who follow me on FB, already know where this weeks inspiration is coming from.

Sunday we where invited to a birthday coffee around 3 o’clock. The girls where outside playing when I left our neighbors house around 5.

I wanted to go in the back yard to check on my veggie garden. I didn’t get that far.

On the way there, I saw this. IMG_2966This bird seemed so out of place. Yes we have pigeons here, but they are not white.  And this bird was walking around in my yard. It didn’t seem to be frightened, not even when I got closer. I wanted to see if it was injured or not.  I got pretty close before it hopped away. Then I saw that it had a green ring on one leg and a yellow ring on the other leg with lots of numbers on it.

I was thinking….racing pigeon?

Who do I need to call? Or what should I do?

This bird was obviously exhausted. It didn’t even fly away when my cat walked along. Our cat could care less if there is a bird or not. Lucky bird, our indoor cat would of chased the bird.

With the help of some friends I found some information, and then stumbled over this page  There I found the information, that these racing pigeons sometimes take a break because the are too tired. Give them some bird seeds or uncooked rice and a bowl of water. Well that is what I put out for it.

At one point I guess my cat got too close  so the bird flew on my clothes line and then my arbor.  My indoor cat was watching it close, with a tapping tail ready to jump through my kitchen door any second.

When it got dark I found the bird sitting on the roof right next to my window where I sleep.

IMG_2970sorry for the grainy picture it was a little hard to take a picture through the window without flash. I didn’t want to scare the bird away.

Guess who was sitting in that window all night making sure that pigeon would not get away. Yes right my fuzzy little gray tiger.

In the morning it was still there, it looked so much better.

IMG_2971 Well rested, I don’t know if it ever drank or ate anything. I made sure it was off the ground so my outdoor cat would not get tempted.

Later it moved to the edge of the roof so it could watch all the bird action going on during the morning times here in our yard. They can sometimes get pretty loud.

The last time I saw it, it was on the top of our house. About 20 min. later it was gone. I feel honored that it chose my house to take a break and recharge it’s batteries. And that it stayed close to my window, so I could watch it.

I hope it made it home safely.



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Greeting Card, Ducks in Snow, Bird Photograph, A group of white ducks waddles across the snow, 5 x 7 Greeting Card by DavidPerezPhotography

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Wooden Book with two sweet birds!
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Warrior Bird Metal Sculpture by nhmetalpunk

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Souvenir Idaho Bluebird Tea Cup and Saucer
by VintageIntent

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Fuschia and pink variscite bird mega Egyptian swirl/coil necklace N18
by FlameFlyCreations

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Green & Turquoise Crazy Bird Suncatcher Stained Glass
by WildwindsStainedGlass

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Pink Bird Felted Coffee Cozy
by notjustknots2

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Pretty Bird Stepping Out
by WalkingFoxStudio

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Blue bird embroidered lace mask
by urbaniqueboutique

Wow, there where a lot of bird items to choose from.

Which one is your favorite bird item?

I know this is a old video, but I love this one.

Have a wonderful day!