Spotlight Friday: feathered friends

Some of you who follow me on FB, already know where this weeks inspiration is coming from.

Sunday we where invited to a birthday coffee around 3 o’clock. The girls where outside playing when I left our neighbors house around 5.

I wanted to go in the back yard to check on my veggie garden. I didn’t get that far.

On the way there, I saw this. IMG_2966This bird seemed so out of place. Yes we have pigeons here, but they are not white.  And this bird was walking around in my yard. It didn’t seem to be frightened, not even when I got closer. I wanted to see if it was injured or not.  I got pretty close before it hopped away. Then I saw that it had a green ring on one leg and a yellow ring on the other leg with lots of numbers on it.

I was thinking….racing pigeon?

Who do I need to call? Or what should I do?

This bird was obviously exhausted. It didn’t even fly away when my cat walked along. Our cat could care less if there is a bird or not. Lucky bird, our indoor cat would of chased the bird.

With the help of some friends I found some information, and then stumbled over this page  There I found the information, that these racing pigeons sometimes take a break because the are too tired. Give them some bird seeds or uncooked rice and a bowl of water. Well that is what I put out for it.

At one point I guess my cat got too close  so the bird flew on my clothes line and then my arbor.  My indoor cat was watching it close, with a tapping tail ready to jump through my kitchen door any second.

When it got dark I found the bird sitting on the roof right next to my window where I sleep.

IMG_2970sorry for the grainy picture it was a little hard to take a picture through the window without flash. I didn’t want to scare the bird away.

Guess who was sitting in that window all night making sure that pigeon would not get away. Yes right my fuzzy little gray tiger.

In the morning it was still there, it looked so much better.

IMG_2971 Well rested, I don’t know if it ever drank or ate anything. I made sure it was off the ground so my outdoor cat would not get tempted.

Later it moved to the edge of the roof so it could watch all the bird action going on during the morning times here in our yard. They can sometimes get pretty loud.

The last time I saw it, it was on the top of our house. About 20 min. later it was gone. I feel honored that it chose my house to take a break and recharge it’s batteries. And that it stayed close to my window, so I could watch it.

I hope it made it home safely.



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Wow, there where a lot of bird items to choose from.

Which one is your favorite bird item?

I know this is a old video, but I love this one.

Have a wonderful day!


4 thoughts on “Spotlight Friday: feathered friends

  1. me too Gail and it was gratifying. I was hoping that he/ she wasn’t injured and I didn’t have to try to catch it an put it in a box and find the phone number on the bird.


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