Spotlight Friday: Family tree

I have been caring this idea in my head for a while now.  A family tree. Years ago,long before I even got married, my brother gave me a family from our family, it dates back to the 1700. I like sharing stories from my Grandparents with my kids. I only have a few pictures from them. On my husbands side it is even less. He has a big family and a lot of times he doesn’t even know who belongs to who.

I think it is important to know where you are coming from to go somewhere.  So over a few months this idea about a tree has been emerging.

Our hallway is in dire need of a paint job. And this wall has only been used in the summer times for a big summer schedule or a picture that my kids drew her and there.  All this wall space.

So I was thinking, let us draw a big tree on this wall, have my two kids be on the trunk, with their pictures and then we will spread out from there and see how far we can go back,  and how many pictures or stories we can dig up.

Something similar to this, just with photographs in frames.

And if we can’t find a picture we will frame the name birth date and their story.

So today I dug through our paint cans to see if we have enough primer to get this wall white and then get started on the tree.

Stuff like this is exciting for me, first of all it is a project we are all doing together, we are learning something about where our roots are and how they lived in those different times and continents.

I am hoping to share the progress with you here. I found some masking tape too, so I am pretty sure we could be starting within the next few days.

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We do have a book where I started to write down the family history. But it’s always tucked away. I am hoping this project will spark a lot of fun and interesting conversations.  I am counting on our extended family that they will be able to dig up some photos and some old stories.

How do you keep your family history alive?


12 thoughts on “Spotlight Friday: Family tree

  1. Sounds like a fun idea and family project! 🙂 My Grandfather worked on our families genealogy for years and years! We have a very detailed tree that dates back to the Mayflower. It’s cool to find out I’m a Mayflower Descendant! I am a direct descendant of George Soule who was an indentured servant on the Mayflower. I guess that makes me a Pilgram! 🙂


  2. wow, that is cool to find out that you are a Pilgrim! 🙂 It is so interesting how many stories my Grandma had to tell about WWII and how they lost everything and her trip on foot through Germany. And stories about her parents and Grandparents. I wish someone would of written it all down.


  3. What a wonderful project for all of you together! I don’t know much about my family except what my parents told me. All I can say is there were bakers on the paternal side and I haven’t inherited the baker’s gene! 😉

    Beautiful items you found, too!


    1. I wouldn’t know much about it, if my brother wouldn’t of made a tree for us as a Christmas present. I don’t think I inherited the cooking gene. Luckily my hubby has 😉


  4. It’s funny that people don’t really start to appreciate their family history till later in life. I’ve always had some interest in genealogy but not so much to actually research it. I’m very grateful my Grandfather did! My grandfather did some research on my Grandmothers side and it traces back to Daughters of the American Revolution. 🙂


  5. tami gray

    Wonderful ideas, it is sad most people don’t think of this till later in life. I so wish that I would of written down or taped conversations (story telling) with my grandparents and other family members that are gone now.


    1. same here Tami, I wish we had taped or written things down. Now that I am living far away, way across the big pond it is even harder. I am hoping to start something with my kids, that they can carry with them.


    1. thank you very much Thunderrose. I am hoping that hubby will start painting the walls today, so I can finally get started with it. My kids are already all antsy. After we had made a sketch of how the tree is supposed to look like.


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