I would like to give

this book to someone who is interested in Micro macrame.

Some of you might know that I was a tester for Raquel last year. I got the chance to try out some of her macrame patterns and help her find if there was a issue .

I must say her instructions are so easy easy to follow. I am a visual learner and her clear and detailed pictures are fantastic.



I still call myself a beginner. The whole starting a project still intimidates me a little because I can’t estimate how much thread I need and how to begin certain patterns. Not like when I knit, I just start and dive right into it.

Here are some of my test items

So as soon as the book came out I had to have it, of course.  A bit down the road  I had asked if Raquel could write a short note, so I could put it in my book. A few days later I had a new book with a nice note for me in the front.

Now I have two of these great books and I would like to give one away to somebody who loves to do macrame as much as I do or is interested in learning what you can do with knots and beads.

Here are the rules:

This giveaway will end Monday 24th of November 2014 at 11.59 pm

you will have have to follow my blog, so I can contact you if you won

and leave a comment below ( click on the little bubble with the + inside, after you scrolled down) and tell me what your first project would be from this book.

For anyone that lives overseas and wins would have to pay for shipping and handling!



13 thoughts on “I would like to give

  1. Helen Russo

    Wow, I would love the book! I honestly don’t know what I would make first, but the rainbow bracelet I first saw is quite lovely. And books are so much easier for me than YouTube videos!


  2. Goggs

    Hi! I am mesmerized with this bracelet in orange so I will be making one for myself when you send me the book. This white piece on the cover is also beautiful. It’s hard to tell, indeed. 😀


  3. linda

    I’m not sure just what I’d make first- I know the white bracelet on the cover looks yummy, but I’m fairly new to anything bit the old standard knots- I’ll have to do some refresher work first. Tying knots helped pay my way thru nursing school, would love to do it now just for fun, lol! Thanks for the kind give away.


    1. This book really helps you to get back in, in a flash. She did a wonderful job in explaining and taking step by step pictures. You will be a pro in no time. Good luck!


  4. Donna Phillips

    I believe I would have to learn the leaf bracelet. My daughter who is 20, loves macrame bracelets. Goes with her chic bohemian-like style.


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