does this happen to you?

A few days ago one of my kids came to me and said: ” Can you make a bracelet or necklace for my friend? I would like to give it to my friend for Christmas.”

So I gave her a book to look through to get some ideas. She came up with a set of earrings and a hair clip.

“Do you know what colors your friend likes?” was my question. “Oh, let me call her, I am not quite sure.” was her respond.

“Mama, it is pink and blue” I heard from the other end of the house. So I let my kid pick out the right colors in strings and the fitting beads.


This is what I started with. Ten strings in pink and blue and I think 15 blue beads and some earring hooks.

About 1/2 hour later I had this


I had a few fights with the beads. They are triangles and one side always tried to slip under the threads and tried to hide half of it.

After a few tries I figured out how to keep the bead on top of the strings. By the time my kiddo had to go to bed, I had half of one earring done.


And my kids approval that they look good.


And by the time it was bed time for me, I finished the circle. I still have to close the circle and attach the earring hoop.

Today I will get started on the second earring.

Do your kids ask you to make presents for their friends too?

What do you answer?

I told my kid, that she could make some for her friend herself. She knows how to knot.

Her answer was “but yours look just way better than mine”


Thanks for your comments!

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