a little bit of insight

I thought you’d like to know what goes on behind the scenes. What happens from start to finish.

Yesterday I started working on a new pair of beaded finger less gloves.

First I came up with a pattern for the beads.

IMG_3221 Then it was time to count how many beads I would need for one glove. The number on the bottom left told me I needed 219 for one glove. Yikes I hope I have enough beads for both gloves, in all I need 438.  I knew which yarn I wanted to use, now off to find the right color of beads and size and hoping I have enough of them.

blah….of course I didn’t. I had a certain color of beads in mind, would of had enough I think. But! the yarn didn’t fit through the beads. Change of plans, different color, different size.

Found some. Now time to count out those 438 beads.

IMG_3222doesn’t look like that many, does it? I counted it twice and it is exactly the amount I need.

Then comes the fun part, getting all those beads on my yarn. For that I use a dental threader. I think there are needles and other tools to help with that. But so far I had best results with my option.


I have to make tally marks to remember how many beads I already have on the yarn, otherwise I will loose count. Too much distractions with kids, hubby and other things. I always make sure I thread on more than I need, sometimes some beads decide to break while pushing back and forth. The beads have to be pushed back quite a bit and in small sections, to be careful that you don’t wear the yarn thin and unravel.


All on board, now I can start knitting. I got quite a bit distracted yesterday and had to unravel a few times. I felt like I couldn’t count right yesterday, one bead was always off. I finally managed to get the right pattern going. IMG_3226

Half of it was done, yeah. Can you make out the pattern? My youngest said ” I don’t know” when I asked her.


In the evening I was finally done with the pattern for the beads. Now I still have to knit the backside of the glove and are done with the first glove.

And then it starts all over again. Get 219 beads on my yarn, paying attention to every bead to be in the right spot. Then sew the gloves together inside out, finish by hiding the threads, turn it back outside, and done.

Can you make out the bead pattern on the glove?

I am playing around with some different ideas for more variations of the glove pattern.

What would you like to see?


Thanks for your comments!

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