Spotlight Friday: sleep

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I never thought the time would come where I wished I could sleep more and better. As a Teenager I didn’t think sleeping was important, I never gave it a second thought. I could sleep in on the weekends until about 10 am, not unless it was snowing and I had to get up and shovel the walkway to the Church. I used to sleep deep, nothing would wake me up.

A few years later when I started working in a Foster home it completely changed my sleeping habits and the depth of my sleep.  When you know you have 8- 12 kids in the house with you and they are mostly teenagers, you only sleep with one eye and one ear closed. You are the one responsible that no one climbs out of a window or has any other weird ideas over night. Sometimes I had the whole weekend shift, and I was a wreck after that. During the week we usually had either the early shift, which meant be there at 6 am to wake everyone up, work until 8, then have break until lunch. Or the late shift starting at 2 pm , officially until 10 pm, but you know with kids you never get out “on time”.  I lived about a 35 min drive away from work and if you had the late shift you had early the next day. Then you throw the swing shift from my hubby in the mix and you have a disaster of sleep chaos happening. He gets up at 2:30 am for early shift and at 6:30 am for late shift.  He learned during his military time to go to sleep anywhere anytime. He sleeps before his head hits the pillow. I am so jealous of him, I can’t do this. As a mom you have a gazillion things that go through your head at night, stuff that didn’t get done, that needs to get done fist thing next morning etc. It is hard to turn that stuff off. Then we still have a kiddo that wakes up in the middle of the night and finds a way into our room and wants to crawl in with us.

I know I have to find a way to relax and fix my sleeping mess, I know it is affecting my health. But is this hard. I thought fixing our food habits was hard, this seems nearly impossible to me at the moment. Often I wake up and feel like, I just went to sleep, I don’t want to get up now.  I do tend to try to solve my problems while I am sleeping. How do I know? Ask my teeth. I sleep with a extra hard night guard, otherwise my teeth would be stubs. My front bottom teeth are pretty short and the ones on the top are so fragile because my bottom teeth have ground groves in the back, so the chip or brake if I don’t wear the guard. So there goes my peaceful sleep. I know I have to take this one step at a time. Many moms told me, you will not be sleeping properly again until your kids have moved out of the house…… I sure hope to get some better sleep before that happens.

I tried Valerian roots, Lavender oil, I have put duct tape over all the green lights from alarm clocks etc.  Oh and I forgot our cat, the newest thing is, he likes sleeping with me under my blanket. I push him out, he comes back.

So if you have any remedies of getting better and deeper sleep, I would love to hear it.



8 thoughts on “Spotlight Friday: sleep

  1. Love this collection! Thanks for using my shop’s air and linen spray. If you have time for yourself at all try some yoga (just some stretching will do) with serenity background music. Amazing how when our bodies release all that pent up energy we can sleep better.


    1. Oh yes I do yoga, in the mornings though, because then there is nobody here to disturb me. In the evening it just doesn’t get quiet in the house until about 9:30 and them I am ready to keel over. Thanks for the tip Stacy.


  2. I have heard that setting a sleep schedule is the best way to sleep well and deeply. That only works if the rest of the world will cooperate, though!


    1. good one!! I will try to have the rest of the world cooperate 😉 I am kind of on a schedule, it is the nightly interruptions that are messing with me, as in hubby having to get up at 2:30 am on a very unregulated schedule.

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