Spotlight Friday: ghosts and Spirits

Growing up we lived in a house that had some history. It was a Pastors house, and the couple that lived in it had committed suicide, they even took their dog with them. My Dad had the possibility to totally remodel and add on. Some parts did have to stay because it was directly connected to the Church, so the spot where the couple took their final breath was actually still there. My bedroom was in the basement not too far away from that spot. And I always had the feeling that someone was still there, especially at night I felt very uncomfortable to go use the bathroom.

Years later when I moved to Munich to start working and living on my own, I lived in a one bed apartment. Strange things where happening there too. One night, I was already sound asleep, I awoke from a loud noise. I got up looked in my bathroom, in my closet, looked closer in my room. But I didn’t see anything, so I went into the kitchen. And there where two milk cartons laying on the floor, one had busted open. How did they get there? They where both on top of my top cabinets all the way pushed into the corner.

Another one that really spooked me out was, I came back from work, some time around 6 pm. I usually left the house around 8 am. There was a pot sitting on my stove, full of boiling water. Nobody else then me had a key to this apartment. And if I would of had put a pot on with water in the morning, I am sure it would of been gone by the time I got back, if not even worse.

I didn’t have any visitors after I had moved and didn’t feel uncomfortable for many years. Until we moved to SC. It is not as spooky as it was in my earlier years, but here and there I can feel a presents of someone/ something. About two years ago though, I got up to use the bathroom and when I got back into bed there was this bright floating light close to my bed. That freaked me out. I said out loud: “please leave” And I have never seen it again. Still to this day there are some times when I feel that I am not alone in the house, but it is not a negative vibe.

Lately my little one though is waking up in the middle of the night and comes running, because she feels someone watching her at night. She says it’s a shadow with eyes. That got me worried. She is very sensitive and in tune with her surroundings. She was brave enough to leave that spirit a note and asked him to leave. Right now I am at a loss of what else I could tell her to how to handle this kind of situation.  My hubby has told me many years ago that he had some encounters too.

What are your believes? Have you seen Spirits or ghosts?

Now to my search on, what can I find if I search for ghosts and spirits?

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and here are some Spirit items I found on Etsy



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