Spotlight Friday: clothes

This time of the year, during the Summer break, I usually go through the kids clothes, to get them ready for the change of Season. Not so much as a Back to School thing,because here it will not get cold until late October, sometimes November.

I know it makes them feel better on their first day off School to wear something they really like and just got new, so we try to find something that is within our budget. We watch the online sales and sometimes happen to run into a sale at a store.

Both my kids had a major growth spurt this summer. So we decided to push out the clothes picking as far back as possible.

So now we are getting closer to the first day off School. Time to clean out those closets and try on every piece of clothing that is in there, to see if it will last another season of if it will be turned into something “new”, passed on the the younger sibling, handed over to some friends or donated.

The older one knows the drill and is pretty sufficient doing it herself. My younger one does not like this chore and needs constant encouragement to get through this task. By the time we are done with it we are both pooped.

So to get myself mentally ready for this, planning for it either this weekend or during the next few days after, while big kid is in orientation, I was going to do some cloth searching in the handmade market. Maybe to get some ideas of what we could do with the clothes that don’t fit anymore.

This Summer we made a few “new” items out of T shirts, some skirts and a dress.

How do you attack your closet, or how many times a year? And what do you do with the stuff that doesn’t fit anymore?

Let’s go look at Zibbets clothes section:

(if you click on the picture, it will take you to the individual shops)

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Patchwork/Upcycled hand made Applique Dress by zayade

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Footed Pajamas, SMALL by brightrosecreations

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Eco Fashion reconstruction upcycled clothing Black Lime lingerie OOAK by RunzwithScissors

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Children’s fabric activity book by remainewicked

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Upcycled Pink Embellished Skirt
by Pearl’s Homespun

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Back to School Fabric Folder with Pockets by PlainjaneB2B

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
GreenTech — Netbook Sleeve from Recycled Shirt in Floral Pattern
by OrganicPlanet

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Joseph’s ReJeans by artlife

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Upcycled Pixie Top or Tunique in mauve-multicolor Boho Fashion Hippie Style
by Boutique Living Dreams

It is interesting and inspiring, what other creators made from materials that had a different life before. Sometimes I get stuck and can’t see beyond what that item is at the moment.  Does that happen to you? Where do you draw your inspiration from?


(click on the picture and it will take you to the treasury on etsy and you can look at the individual items)

What is your coolest up cycling of clothes that you have done  so far?

Or as is it also called refashioned, what did you refashion?



The other day I had a Spotlight about lotions. That is how Amy and I came in contact for the first time. I had sent her a message about her item being featured on my blog.

You can find Amy here on Zibbet, in the Meet the seller section you can read this about her:


I loves me some beauty products!!!! But after reading the labels, I was becoming horrified at the ingredients!!!!! So through much trial and error, I created my own! I am very proud to say that they are 100% natural and made with love and care just for you!!!


My crafting is a home based business, in my kitchen. The heart of my home!
I started crafting about 2 years ago. My now 4 year old son was diagnosed with autism. And of course like all parents when you hear this news, you start researching like crazy. One of the theories in autism research is the chemicals that are absorbed through our skin could be the cause.20150314_211150

So I started reading and reading and reading. And came to find that everything we use has mass amounts of chemicals and potential toxins. And I thought…… I can make soap for my kids…… why not? So I did. Then that morphed into learning about essential oils and carrier oils. I was amazed. And then my body butter was born. But I needed to have a lotion in my purse, right? Who doesn’t! And since I’m constantly wiping my kids off I started using my Stick it to Me on their lil hands and face. It became indispensable.

I draw a lot of inspiration from friends. Other mom’s complaints basically. “I spent $75.00 on an eye cream and I swear it doesn’t work!” “My skin is so dry, what can I do?” So I got to work! I make products for them and in turn they are my lab rats. They give me honest feedback and I tweak away! Turn the radio on and do work! I love it! I am currently working on an eczema cream for my friend who is an iron worker and his skin is under the harshest conditions.

My most favorite medium to work with is shea butter. I get the best and get the best results! It’s just so amazing. It helps with everything from wrinkles to itching, allergies, sunburns and blemishes. Because it is so versatile I use it in as many products as possible.  It is naturally rich in vitamins A, E and F. And is chock full of the essential fatty acids needed to boost collagen production! It really is awesome!
Remember it only takes 26 seconds for our skin to absorb what we put on it, so why not use products that are natural and without chemicals!


And who would not want to dive into this yummy looking cream and do something good for yourself?

Spotlight Friday: Lotion

In the Summer break I really don’t have my priorities on my blog or my shop. My priority is my family, spending time with my kids. So when I woke up this morning it puzzled me how it could be the end of the week again without me noticing. I tend to loose track of days during the Summer.

We had a few surprise visitors over the past few weeks that made me loose track even easier. It was so much fun to catch up with these friends I have not seen in ages.

So this morning I was sitting in front of my blank screen staring at it, lost in the sauce, listening to my favorite radio station (they where playing songs from the 80’s), got me lost even more after I all those songs kicked off memories about growing up.

With a teenager in the house at the moment , I get bombarded with a lot of questions about health and beauty. The people who know me, have hardly ever seen me with make up or fancy hairstyles. So often I am at a loss and we do research online together.

One thing I do put my foot down is on the ingredients that my kids put on their skin. Our skin is our biggest organ and what ever you put on your skin will soon be in your system.

The skin is the largest organ of the body, with a total area of about 20 square feet. That is quite big, a lot of area to take care of. The skin protects us from microbes and the elements, helps regulate body temperature, and permits the sensations of touch, heat, and cold. So we need to make sure we take care of our skin as best as we can, support it, not clog it up with chemicals.

My little one reacts on quite a few different things with a bad rash, so we have to make sure we minimize the ingredients.

Just the other day I saw that we where running low on lotion. I had found KisKis Kreations a little while back and my kids love the different smells she creates with her goat milk lotion. So off I go to get some more.

That made me go look on Zibbet, what kind of lotions can I find there? Let’s go take a look:

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Solid Lotion Moisturizing Body Bars, lip balm, stretch marks
by meadowmuffin2010

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Lotion 16oz.
by EarthNaturalEssentials

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Cocoa Body Butter
by NaturalSerenity

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
STICK IT TO ME – hard lotion!
by amysalon

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Lucky Girl–Pure Body delights–SMOOTH CREAMY WHIPPED BODY YOGURT FROSTING–Blueberry Lemon–Yummy
by LuckyGirlBoutique

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Organic Lavender Solid Lotion Bar, all natural, preservative free. 3.0 oz

by HappyKamperSoaps

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Creamy Sugar Scrub with shea and cocoa butters
by tenthavenuesoapworks

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Mustache and Lip Lotion Bars
by Willy and Nilly’s

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Men’s shaving soap and Body Butter gift set – You pick the fragrance – one each body butter and one each whipped shaving soap
by kuhlwhip

and as well I searched for lotions on Etsy. Here is what I found there.


I guess, we could always make our own. There are plenty diy videos on youTube, like this one

But I think I have enough projects going on in our house, which seems to bust out of it seams everywhere at the moment. My hubby would probably start protesting if I take up another corner with yet another project. So I like discovering new lotion creaters and try out their products.

What is your favorite lotion?

Spotlight Friday: cooling down

This Summer so far has been rather on the hot side. Temperatures hovering around the 100 F. So warm and muggy that you try to get everything done in the few morning hours before the thermostat hits those unbearable numbers again.

You say I should be used to this?  Yes we lived in El Centro CA, where the average in the Summer is between 105 and 113 F. And yes it was unbearable to go outside there very often. The daily  trip to the mail box I  delayed until the sun went down. I was pregnant during the time we lived there and many times I had my feet stuck in a bucket full of cold water and ice. The pool was not an option because it was like a warm bath tub. Our AC ran all day and broke down often.

Now living in South Carolina we got used to the wonderful three sometimes 4 Seasons again and we love it.

I bake all our own bread. With these temperatures it has been proven to be a challenge. I do not want to add anymore heat to our house, it is warm enough in here already. This summer we have our AC set to 83 F, so it would not be running all day. Every corner houses a fan. Occasionally you will see a cat or a person standing or sitting in front of one of those to cool off.

So now we are running low on bread and I am hoping for a cooler morning. Does not look very promising, at least not in the next few days.

What to eat in this heat? During the day we stick with fruits and nuts. Cooling drinks or home made ice cream.

How do you stay cool in this scorching weather?

Let us look at the cooling items from Zibbet:

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Sunburn Relief Cream by Little Rascals Beauty

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Cool Tie . Polymer Filled Evaporative Neck Cooler by BarkingDogDesigns

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Lip Balm Cool Mint Low Shine with Unrefined Shea Butter
by SciarrettaFarms

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Easy Cool Juniors Summer Empire Waist Dress by ecoQuilter

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Cooling Cucumber Melon Moisturizing Beeswax Hand and Body Lotion
by MVEssentials

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Vtintage Cookbook 1980s Cool Whip minutes MOUTH WATERING PIES
by SandyCreekCollectables

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Tee shirt cool & airy fun by sherlcrfts4u

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Hand Held Flamenco Fan Navy and Gold Flowers by DengraDesigns

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Heat Pack or Cold Therapy Wrap/ Neck Shoulder/ Flax Seed,Mint, Lavender Lotus
by essiedesigns

now on to the Etsy finds:


So everyone stay cool and enjoy your Summer!


I just saw a video on youTube  about a book I had told you that a read a few months ago and it had only been in German so far.

It will be out in English pretty soon, you can take a look at it here.

It was really nice to see her and hear her enthusiasm. Explaining everything so simple, easy to understand.

Just had to follow up on this and share my excitement.

Happy reading!

found another article about her, here

MANNHEIM, Germany — IF Giulia Enders had not contracted a mysterious illness as a teenager that left her covered with sores, she, like most of us, might never have thought much about her digestive tract, except when it was out of whack. She might never have enrolled in medical school, either, and she almost certainly would not have written a best-selling book about digestion last year that has captivated Germany, a nation viewed, fairly or not, as exceedingly anal-retentive.

Back in 2007, after a series of mostly ineffective treatments prescribed by doctors, Ms. Enders, then 17, decided to take matters into her own hands. Convinced that the illness was somehow associated with her intestines, she pored over gastroenterological research, consumed probiotic bacterial cultures meant to aid digestion and tried out mineral supplements.

The experiments worked (although she is not sure which one did the trick), leaving her with healthy skin and a newfound interest in her intestines. “I experienced with my own body that knowledge is power,” she writes of the episode in “Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ,” which was published in North America last month after its surprising success in Germany, where it has sold almost 1.5 million copies since its release in March 2014.

Inspired by her successful self-experimentation, Ms. Enders enrolled in medical school in 2009 at Goethe University Frankfurt and is now working toward a doctoral degree in microbiology there.

DURING a recent interview in a cafe here next to the Neckar River, not far from her childhood home, Ms. Enders, now 25, sipped chamomile tea and described with characteristic enthusiasm the first stomach operation she saw in person. “The whole body moves like this or like that, but the intestines move in entirely a different way,” she said. “It’s incredibly harmonious!”

Ms. Enders’s wonder at the strange ways of the gut is matched only by her incredulity at the limited public knowledge on the subject. “I’m almost shocked,” she recalled thinking during her first years in medical school as she learned, for example, that it is easier to burp lying on your left side than your right because of the position at which the esophagus connects to the stomach. “Why doesn’t everybody know this?”

In 2012, she began taking it upon herself to fill people in. She had heard about a student event space in Freiburg that was hosting a “science slam,” an open-mike event where young researchers give presentations, and decided to prepare a short lecture on digestion.

Onstage, Ms. Enders was bouncy and jocular, as a video of the event shows. She speaks rapidly, hardly able to contain her excitement, describing the components of the digestive system and lamenting its poor reputation.

“It’s really too bad, because the intestines are totally charming,” she says, citing as evidence the sophisticated communication between our inner and outer sphincter muscles and the some hundred trillion bacteria in our guts that facilitate digestion.

The crowd was smitten. Ms. Enders won the competition and went on to participate in two more science slams in Karlsruhe and Berlin. Soon, videos of her presentations were attracting attention online, and a literary agent contacted her about writing a book.

FANS have praised Ms. Enders for translating abstruse gastroenterological research into breezy, entertaining prose. On a talk show here last April, she described the large intestine as the “chiller” of the two because it processes nutrients at a leisurely pace of about 16 hours on average, compared with the two to five hours that the small intestine needs.

In her book, she catalogs the myriad elaborate operations that our guts dutifully perform every day, like the cleaning mechanism that kicks in a few hours after we eat and keeps the small intestine — all 20 or so feet of it — remarkably tidy. This “little housekeeper,” as Ms. Enders calls it, turns out to be the real source of the grumbling that most attribute to the stomach and mistake as a sign of hunger.

Then there is the growing body of research indicating that our intestines may have a far greater influence on our feelings, decisions and behavior than previously realized. The primary evidence for this, Ms. Enders writes, is the vast network of nerves attached to our guts that monitors our deepest internal experiences and sends information to the brain, including to those regions responsible for self-awareness, memory and even morality.

Just how much your lunch will affect ethical decision making remains unclear; we still know very little about this “gut brain,” as Ms. Enders refers to it. But this byzantine neural architecture suggests that our intestines may play a large part in determining who we are and what we do.

These essential but little-known features of our guts — our identities at their most raw and visceral, Ms. Enders suggests — have riveted Germans. The surprising popularity of Ms. Enders’s book has itself become a topic for discussion, with some commentators invoking Freud to explain Germans’ apparent fascination with their bowels. Profanity here tends to skew to the scatological, and Germans are, according to stereotypes, obsessed with order and neatness.

Ms. Enders dismisses such talk, noting that the book has also topped best-seller lists in Finland, the Netherlands and elsewhere. She suggests that its appeal lies in its frank treatment of topics usually left undiscussed. “Shame always disappears when you really understand something,” she said.

MS. ENDERS grew up on the outskirts of Mannheim, a sleepy city of almost 300,000 residents that was largely flattened by Allied bombs in World War II and filled back in with prim, modern buildings. Her parents split up when she was young, and her father was an irregular presence during her childhood. “You can only say Lebenskünstler,” she said to describe him — a term that means “life artist” and connotes a bohemian disregard for societal conventions.

Instead, it was her mother, a former documentary filmmaker, and grandmother who raised Ms. Enders and her older sister, now a graphic designer based in Karlsruhe who contributed illustrations to the book. Her grandmother, an interpreter by training, proved particularly influential. “She showed us very early on that intellectuality doesn’t have to be so serious,” said Ms. Enders, who recalled free-form games of chess with her grandmother in which they ignored half of the rules.

But Ms. Enders’s interest in science is relatively new. She was, by her own assessment, a mediocre student in elementary school, owing mostly to self-described boredom with the rote exercises in primary education. While her grades improved in high school, her fascination with medicine began outside the classroom, with the unexplained sores she had as a teenager.

By her own account, Ms. Enders’s sudden fame has not changed her life very much. She still shares the same apartment in Frankfurt with five friends. She recently completed a state medical exam and will soon begin a yearlong residency at a hospital.

She does not have any immediate plans to write another book. “If I have that feeling again,” she said, referring to her surprise at how little most people knew about digestion, “then I’d do it. But only then. And if that feeling doesn’t come, then hopefully I’ll just be a good doctor.”

Spotlight Friday : blood

Thursday I had my 3 monthly blood check up. I was ready to scream. Obviously my blood test 3 months ago was not important enough to pass along to me to tell me that I am low on B12 and Vit D. You might think that a Dr. would notice that a person with ITP should not go too long on low numbers on B12. Vitamin B12 is important for producing new blood cells Then they forgot to put in the order for the pharmacy for me to get my Vit D and B12, I sure have nothing else to do all day than drag my kids through the hospital and wait for hours in the Pharmacy. Sorry, but my blood was boiling by the time we left, trying to keep my cool in front of the kids.

Blood is a constantly circulating fluid providing the body with nutrition, oxygen, and waste removal. Blood is mostly liquid, with numerous cells and proteins suspended in it, making blood “thicker” than pure water. The average person has about 5 liters (more than a gallon) of blood.

A liquid called plasma makes up about half of the content of blood. Plasma contains proteins that help blood to clot, transport substances through the blood, and perform other functions. Blood plasma also contains glucose and other dissolved nutrients.

About half of blood volume is composed of blood cells:

• Red blood cells, which carry oxygen to the tissues
• White blood cells, which fight infections
• Platelets, smaller cells that help blood to clot

Blood is conducted through blood vessels (arteries and veins). Blood is prevented from clotting in the blood vessels by their smoothness, and the finely tuned balance of clotting factors.  (

So, keeping it short today, I was wondering if I could find anything “blood” related on Zibbet: 

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Digital War by WithMy2Hands

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Dexter blood spatter purse – Vintage, white, beaded with brass hardware by AmericanRuin

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Gothic Blood Spider, LONG LOST LOVE Necklace, Blood Spider, Vintage Love, Sterling Silver Finish by ExclusivelyTiki

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
VAMPIRE Blood Bite Artisan Alchemist Gothic Ritual Oil for Vampire Rites, Dark Goddess Pathworking, Glamoury, Sex Magic, Lust, Warrior Arts
by WitchcraftsArtisanAlchemy

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Human Heart and Blood Circulation 1935 Medical Lithograph by PetitPoulailler

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Blood Orange EcoFriendly Hand Dyed Merino Yarn Worsted Weight by ColorPurl

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Bead loomed vampire fangs cuff – I vill bite you by CatsWire

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
wood coffee sign, starbucks and blood by KPDreams

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Crimson Bleeding Heart Handmade OOAK Art and Greeting Card by ajsdesigns

very interesting blood items, don’t you think?

And here is what I found on Etsy


So off I go, to make my phone call to find out what my numbers are.

I wish you all a wonderful relaxing weekend!

Spotlight Friday: medical alert

The other day I found my old medical alert necklace, it wasn’t even readable anymore. Not to mention the phone numbers and info was not up to date any more.

So that sent me on a chase to find a replacement. I was looking for a charm or something in that direction, so I could make my own bracelet.

I have a Autoimmune Disease called  Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura  or short ITP. ITP is a  disorder that can lead to easy or excessive bruising and bleeding. The bleeding results from unusually low levels of platelets — the cells that help your blood clot.      

I always bruised easy as a kid and teenager, nobody thought anything about it, they just thought I was clumsy.  The first time I heard that my bruising wasn’t “normal” was after my first miscarriage, after a battery of tests.  What caused the ITP could not be figured out , hence the idiopathic (adjective, Pathology: of unknown cause, as a disease), just controlled. That we did and life went on. 

ITP comes with mood swings, muscle aches, being depressed and tired, and for me with very heavy and long periods.

Things people don’t see from the outside, symptoms I battle every day.  I just found out the other day that Purple is the color for Platelet Disorder and September the awareness month. I guess Purple was always my favorite color for a reason.

I had one pregnancy that was pretty normal, besides regular blood checkups and at that point iron deficiency. It took me a long time to recover from this though. That is something I had to learn the hard way, because of the clotting issue it takes my body way longer to heal. Very hard for me to give my body the time to heal and not rush into things, because I think they need to get done. Often I felt like others see me as to lazy.

I suffered another miscarriage and had a very complicated pregnancy after that. I had to get quite a few prednisone shots and visited the “vampire”( get my blood work done)every other week. My youngest had to enter the world before her time, because of too many risks me loosing my life.

Long recovery after this one as well as you can imagine. After that I had it pretty good under control. until two years ago when I came down with the Helicobacter pylory. Now it is back to 3 monthly blood check ups. I had a few months of iron intake and some other surgical stuff done, my platelets are not back to normal but at least stable.It took quite some research to find out what food helps with blood clotting and which ones are risky, having to pay attention to even essential oils or spices is sometimes very draining. But to be on the safe side I thought I should get my medical alert bracelet up to date again and wear it. A lot of people don’t know that ITP exists, so just to be on the safe side.

Looking for medical items on Zibbet:

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Medical Alert Copper Cuff Bracelet for Men by loveitpersonalized

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Male CMA ( Certified Medical Assistant ) Retractable ID Badge Holder
by TornEdgesEmporium

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Medic Alert Bracelet – Blue Green Glass Beaded
by carelebeads

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
EMT Birthstone Bracelet – EMT Charm Bracelet – Love My Emt – Emt Pride
by DenofFox

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Sterling Silver Medical Alert Bangle Bracelet – sterling silver wire and disc – medical alert symbol stamp
by SusansJewelryDesigns

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
I’m On Meds Medical ID Tag – Indoor Only Medical Alert ID Tag, Child ID Tag, Dog Tag, Cat Tag
by ebonypaws

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Cufflinks Caduceus Medical Symbol Gold and Black Groomsmen Wedding Party Fathers Dads Men
by BelugaHomeStudio

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Steampunk triangular inhaler keychain or pendant for non-round style inhalers
by TheAmethystDragonfly

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
MMJ carry or storage box.
by Woodensignsanddesigns

on Etsy I found quite a few options for bracelets:


Off to order my custom charm, with all the important information on it

I wish you a wonderful day!